Thursday, January 14, 2010

More Soulless stuff

These are the questions I sent to Ms. Carriger...some probably won't make sense unless you've read the book.

Personally, I have always loved the Victorian era - the literature, the science, the fashion of the time. You have some interesting theories about the Victorian society. Would you tell the readers why you chose to set your books in this era and mixed it with steampunk? What was your inspiration?

You've created these amazing characters for Soulless. Miss Tarabotti is the epitome of a classic, spitfire heroine: she reads to much, is not afraid to let her opinions be known (especially when it comes to hats and food), and she always seems to get in trouble. Lord Maccon, is scruffy, dangerous and very much an alpha-male, and together with his beta, Professor Lyall, they resemble a were version of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson. Last, but not least, there is the decadent and delicious vampire, Lord Akeldama (one of your favorites I've heard).

In one of the numerous blogs you have contributed to you said your life is filled with many colorful people, that they have sneaked into your stories. What else inspired you when you came up with the characters?

The language you use in Soulless is wonderful and witty. Was it difficult to stay in that frame of mind throughout the writing process of the three books? What authors have influenced you throughout your life?

You are an archaeologist; will that play a part in any of the future Alexia books?

There are many attributes associated with the octopus, however most noticeable is its ability to adapt and transform in an element that is always moving, as well as being governed by the wax and wane of the moon. Why the fascination with this aquatic chameleon? Will we ever find out its significance to the story? A hint, maybe?

Last two questions. Will there only be these three books for the Parasol Protectorate or will Miss Tarabotti go on more adventures? And will she ever get to ride on a dirigible?

This is dandy time to add those quotes I keep promising.

"how marvelous of you to find the time to walk at such short notice! What a hideous bonnet. I do hope you did not pay too much for it."
"Alexia! How Perfectly horrid of you to criticize my
hat. Why Should should I not be able to walk with you this morning? You know I never have anything better to do on Thursdays. Thursdays are so tiresome, don't you find?"

I just love this! Really, they go from being perfect ladies one moment to catty bitches the next. Awesome!

"Lord Akeldama began undulating toward her. He managed to write this way across the floor, like some sort of purple snake, the velvet of his beautiful coat slippery enough to aid his progress."

Now don't you just love the imagery? I do feel sorry for Lord Akeldama's poor coat, it'll be a right mess before he gets out of whatever is going on (sorry not giving you any hints).


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