Sunday, March 14, 2010


For some odd reason I found a great place to write on Saturday mornings, if I'm working that is. Thanks to a wonderful thing called public transportation I'm in Copenhagen an hour before I have to be at work. What to do? Coffee - of course. The worst of bad chain coffee shops, in Denmark, has turned out to be my little sanctuary for 45 minutes once or twice every month. I wouldn't be caught dead drinking their awful designer lattes with synthetic flavored syrups, but they make a decent regular coffee and their carrot scones are awesome.

It's strange how much you can get done in 45 min, especially with all the noise from the espresso makers, kids and just general loud people... I got the outline for a chapter done, a timeline and notes for an original story I've been thinking about.

The great thing about working in a SF/F book store is that you are always surrounded by magic...and I need that magic to work for me lol.

P.S.: The banner in this post is my first banner ever...okay not true I just changed it. The one that was on here before was my first, but I didn't like it.


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