Monday, May 17, 2010

Tea and Oh My...(Adult Contents: Please do not read if you are under 18)

I took a little detour from my reading schedule. I was reading Alex Prentiss’ Night Tides for a reading challenge, but got sidetracked when I found out you can just download the Kindle program to your computer; thirty seconds later tons of books with just one click. Oh little orange Amazon-buy-now-with-1-click button how you taunt me.
This is old news to most; months ago a fic called Forever My Love was circulating on different fanfiction sites. It turned out the fic was stolen and copied word-for-word, with the exception of names, from Tymber Dalton’s book The Reluctant Dom. Thankfully, the people (I refuse to call them authors) who plagiarized the story didn’t get to ‘publish’ all the chapters before they were discovered. I wanted to read it in its intended form and bought it weeks ago. It turns out one of the characters, Tony, makes an appearance in one of Tymber Dalton’s other books, Domme by Default. Thanks to Amazon and Kindle I now have that one too.
You can never have too much of a good thing, presto-clicko, I bought three other books of the smut/BDSM persuasion, Master of the Mountain, Club Shadowlands both by Cherise Sinclair and Dear Sir, I’m Yours by Joely Sue Burkhart, respectively All five books were read in a matter of a couple of days.
I’ve asked my friend, and fellow smut reader, rmhale, to review a book for this post. So you’ll get two reviews for the wonderful price of NOTHING.
The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton
Product Description:
Love hurts...if you're lucky.-
Kaden knows he's dying, but before he goes, he has one problem he needs to solve - he must ask his oldest friend Seth to take over as his beloved wife's Dom and Master after his death. Seth has always seen himself as the perpetual screw-up and Kaden as the strong and steady one, so his friend's request rocks his world.-
Now Seth finds himself immersed in a role he's far from comfortable with: inflicting pain to provide emotional comfort for the woman he's secretly loved for years. Can he deal with his crushing grief and learn the skills he must master in time to become THE RELUCTANT DOM?
My Review:
Tymber Dalton’s book is an emotional rollercoaster ride from beginning to end, not to forget incredibly sexy, but the raw emotions of the book are what dominate the most.
Seth is trying to do right by Kaden’s wife, Leah, while struggling with the sadness of watching Kaden slowly fade away each day. The ever constant “Kaden’s dying” resonating through Seth’s mind never lets the reader forget the inevitable, even if there might be a flicker of hope.
Kaden does everything he can to make arrangements for Seth and Leah so that everything runs smoothly and never once stop in his endeavours.
Leah, I don’t want to give too much away about her story; she submits in every sense of the word. Throughout the book she hangs on by a thread, but finds solace in caring for her men.
I understand Kaden’s need to take care of Leah, but he isn’t giving Seth much of a choice in the matter, and Leah accepts everything without putting up much of a fight. It’s her nature to submit, yet in this case, I think, she should have fought harder.
I wish I hadn’t read part of this book when it was in fic form, it ruined the reading experience. I’m glad I found time to read it from beginning to end though.
The book is engaging and heartbreaking, with a light at the end of the tunnel.
I wouldn’t say it’s a book you have to read, but I would recommend it.

Polar Reaction by Claire Thompson
Product Description:
A passion hot enough to melt a glacier. A love that shakes them to the core?
The savage Antarctic winter is closing in, and three research scientists are scheduled for the last flight out until an unexpected blizzard traps all three of them in the compound. There's Tuck, who only joined the project to be close to sexy-but-straight Brendan, the man of his dreams. And Jamie, who has always admired the other two from afar.
Thrown into a dangerous situation, the three of them turn to each other for survival, solace and more. As Brendan overcomes his confusion over his impulses, the trio begin a sexual exploration that explodes into passion and unbridled lust.
Yet, once the rescue helicopter airlifts them to safety, Brendan comes to his senses, returning home to his carefully constructed, closeted life. But there's a Brendan-shaped hole left behind in Tuck's and Jamie's hearts. There's only one way to fill it, by breaking through Brendan's reserve to reclaim the man they both love.

My Review:

When I first downloaded Kindle for PC I was excited to find inexpensive, smutty fun reads that would distract me for a few moments, but wouldn't have to clutter up my bookshelves with the books I displayed for all in the house to enjoy. This book happened to be one of the first ones I ever read on Kindle. While I am not normally a fan of polyamorous love in any form, the fact that it was three men (I am an avid junkie for male loving) and not priced that high made me go ahead and buy it. The story line was interesting to me, I like a story where a man who considers himself straight has an internal battle with the natural urges of his body.

I think the author did a great job of portraying that battle in a short book that is really classified as erotica. Brendan's struggle with his attraction to Tuck is done in a way that I can empathize with him and I like that. Never having experienced any question regarding my sexual identity myself, I was eager to read about Brendan's. Maybe it happened because they were trapped or maybe he thought they were going to die but whatever the reason, Brendan gave in and his life would never be the same. It wasn't easy and he fought it all and my heart broke for all of them in this one.

Now Tuck, that poor boy has always been in love with Brendan, knowing he was straight. Watching him struggle with the way he feels and his internal struggle on whether or not to act on those feelings was well done. I felt his pain, his love and his frustration and sadness when things are out of his control. I felt bad for Jamie for awhile, he almost seemed like the third wheel Brendan replacement but he does come into his own as a strong character.

All in all I was pleased with this purchase. It is nice to find something with good sex scenes and a plot all wrapped up in an hour long read. I was able to connect with the characters and get into the story and was happy with the realistic ending.

Smut Galor:
Nut Cream - Jade Buchanan
Dear Sir, I'm Yours - Joely Sue Burkhart
A Delicious Taboo - Jennifer Cole
A Delicious Taboo Plus Two - Jennifer Cole
At the Dungeon Master's Hand (Le Club d'Esclavage 1) - Jennifer Cole
A Toy for Two (Le Club d'Esclavage 2) - Jennifer Cole
Yes, My Mistress (Le Club d'Esclavage 3) - Jennifer Cole
Domme by Default - Tymber Dalton
The Reluctant Dom - Tymber Dalton
Club Shadowlands (Masters of Shadowlands 1) - Cherise Sinclair
Dark Citadel (Masters of Shadowlands 2) - Cherise Sinclair
Breaking Free (Masters of Shadowlands 3) - Cherise Sinclair
Lean on Me (Masters of Shadowlands 4) - Cherise Sinclair
The Dom's Dungeon - Cherise Sinclair
Polar Reaction - Claire Thompson
I could go on and on, but I won't - I'll save some for another time. I found some of these books through friends.
A huge thanks to rmhale for contributing to this post.


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