Sunday, July 11, 2010

Tea, Freebies, Samples and More...

Because of my work, I spend a lot of time surfing publishing houses’ websites (some easier to navigate than others). Some publishers offer great freebies, and samples to their readers, plus of course they have different contests.

Simon & Schuster have a whole section called Free Stuff, which also includes their various contests.

Up for free download are:

A prequel to Jill Myles’s Succubus Diaries. Jill Myles also has a section of free stories on her website.

A Knight to Remember by Karin Tabke, author of the Blood Sword Legacy series.

A different POV of Lisa McMann’s Wake.

Simon & Schuster also have a program for teens called Pulse It. Pulse It is a community which offers free online books and provides various options with regards to blogs, message boards and extra material for the books they offer. The only downside is that you have to be a US or Canadian citizen to be able to join.

Harper Collins and Avon have a bunch of different communities and contests.

I recently fell in love with Avon’s Romance Blog after reading a post by Editor Tessa Woodward called Cheerio, Pip Pip. They also have “Ask an Editor Friday” where readers can ask the editors anything about the book business. If you are a budding author, the editors have kindly provided their submission guidelines in Friday’s “Ask an Editor Friday” post.

Under their Sweeptakes, you’ll have a chance to win books for your own personal library. You have to be a US citizen to enter their contests though.

Angry Robot were until recently an imprint of Haper Collins UK, but have now become an independent imprimt of Osprey Publishing.

are only a little over a year old, but have worked hard to become a leading publisher of science fiction, fantasy and horror books. They are “building an army” of readers. In exchange for blogging about the company, their books, authors, provide the readers with not yet published books, interviews, features, and news for the blogs. Become part of their army .

Happy hunting!


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