Monday, August 9, 2010

Tea Cups, Steampunk Short Story & Banners

I had the most perfect tea cup. I used it for everything – tea, coffee, soda, water, milk, soup, and *gasps* even wine in a pinch. It was one of the first things I bought for my household when I moved out of my parents’ house at 19. It had the perfect size; I could wrap my hands around it and keep warm on a cold winter’s night. The motif. Perfection. Off white with golden and pastel colored flowers. The tea cup was a delight. Sadly, I am probably the World’s biggest klutz. Bella Swan is an amateur compared to me. The tea cup, along with the prefect crimson colored wine glass, had a short life in my household.

I have been searching for years for another cup, but how can you replace perfection? Well you can’t. I did happen to find the three most adorable cups ever last week, and of course purchased them. They’re are actually more like coffee cups than tea cups, but no matter.

Aren’t they just the most adorable things?

As I write this, I also happen to have found the most perfect coffee in the world (in my opinion). Excuse my language, but work was a bitch today and of course I was hit with a major incident of PMS (Tradermare is my witness, as I was bitching all day on Twitter about it). I almost had a full nervous breakdown in the middle of the store, not to forget being extremely rude to a customer, while my boss’ 13 year old daughter was standing next to me. Bravo Green! Before the, almost, breakdown I went to the local coffee shop a few blocks from my work, told the barista to get me a lbs of a good coffee. She suggested, what the shop called, Brasilien Daterra Sweet Collection, its real name is Brazilian Daterra Estate Sweet Collection. Let me tell you it is the elixir of the Gods. A little sweet with a hint of nuts. Try it with milk and half a teaspoon of sugar. It will blow your mind. For my American readers and coffee lovers you can purchase it here. I have a date in about an hour with a book, a cup of this magnificent elixir and a tub of Häagen-Daz’s Cookies & Cream.

O. M. Grey’s Of Æther and Æon (A Short Story)

O. M. Grey, the author of Avalon Revisited, just released a new Steampunk short story called Of Æther and Æon. I am sad to say I never reviewed Avalon Revisited when I first read it, I will have to rectify that as soon as possible.


Ms. Grey is offering Of Æther and Æon for FREE, but only for TODAY. So hurry up and go to her website and follow the instructions.

For today only, get my new Steampunk Short Story “Of Aether and Aeon” for free just by doing these easy things:
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4. Leave a comment below and tell a friend if you like, as well.

The coupon code is only good through today. Try to use it tomorrow, and it won’t work.

FREE TODAY ONLY by helping me promote it.

In the midst of war, a beautiful young officer finds love aboard an airship. (Author of the critically acclaimed novel AVALON REVISITED, O. M. Grey takes the reader on a Steampunk journey through tragedy and romance. Perfect for a lunchtime reading escape... when you don't have time for an entire novel.) (From


The gorgeous SmittensKitten of Smutty Dirty Bitch has been blogging about the banners she has made for several fanfiction stories, including one of mine. I am extremely flattered. Love you my Smittens!

This is what she wrote:

Education With Greenabsinthia

Education With Greenabsinthia.....

now folks that is exactly what it sounds like. lols.

So lets learn a little about her. She has a addiction towards books you can follow her book blogScribbles & Stories. Green is one kick ass writer, she wrote The Education Of Sookie Stackhouse. Yes the legendary Education,

*inserts a picture of a horny smittenskitten*

So I had no idea she wrote this amazing story even when I talked to her in twitter almost everyday.

So one day I was you know being myself just dancing around throwing flowers everywhere and blowing my own horn about making banners *snort* 

So green asks me to make one for her. Me being the enthusiastic self I ran to her profile. And the first thing I saw was she already had a banner and get this .... it was made by S.Medows and Zigster.


Now a girl who have made only like two gets kindda scared you know. And I practically followed Messie's advice on making banners.

So I tried to bail out. But green would have none of it. She pifft me and said I should at least give it a try.

Then I started reading her education. And oh boy what an education it was! Jumped the boy as soon as he got home. Don't think we even made it to the bed room though. hehe.

So after much reading and doing other stuff I gave it a shot. And well it was ok I guess if you saw that and this.

But I had fun reading her story and of course doing other stuff too.

I am off to my date with a book, coffee and ice cream. Have a wonderful evening everybody!


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