Monday, October 4, 2010

Night Huntress Virtual Bake-Off Contest…

Oh this is so exciting! My wonderful friend Trader (Tradermare) just announced the Night Huntress Virtual Bake-Off Contest. I’ve known about the contest for a while, but it’s been hush hush and there were a few practical issues that had to be settled first. I can’t tell you enough how excited I am about this, I even signed up for some cupcake and cake decorating class in November because of it, I felt inspired and wanted to do something fun this autumn. Below is Trader’s post, incl. rules etc, from the Frost Cemetery boards.

Trader made these lovely treats over the weekend.

Are you getting ready for Halloween? Making lots of goodies for your trick or treaters? Perhaps a lovely little blood snack is on your menu or maybe some ghoul goodies?

In the spirit of Halloween and all things Night Huntress, Frostfans is hosting a virtual "bake-off" contest. Entering is easy!

Get creative and make your favorite Night Huntress themed Halloween confection. Maybe you make a delightfully luscious "Cat's Cherry Pie" or have been known to bake the ever popular "Lucifer's Bouncing Balls".Perhaps you can scare up some delicous "Denise's Demon Brand Cookies". Whatever your favorite Halloween treat, give it a Night Huntress spin and enter our virtual bake off!

To enter:

You must be a registered member of frostfans to enter. You can register here.

Make your Night Huntress Halloween treat and don't forget to give it a spooktacular presentation!

Take a digital picture of your entry, then upload to an image hosting service (like imageshack, photobucket, or flickr, for example) so you can link to it when you submit your entry.

Name your confection and write a sentence or two about your inspiration.

Post a picture of your treat, a brief description, and your inspiration to this thread starting October 7 through October 24.

The thread will close for submissions at 11:59pm EST on October 24.

A sample entry will be posted after this announcement.

No comments or discussion will be permitted on the thread. Bake-off entries only, please.


All the entries will be displayed on the frostfans chat forum, and the lovely Tee will create a poll for voting. All registered frosties can vote for their favorite from October 25 to October 30.

Prizes will be awarded to the top entry in the Frostfan community voting poll and another winner will be selected by the Judges Panel composed of Tee, Engarde and Wonttorit.

Winners will be announced at the Haunted by Your Touch Release Party on October 31. For more details on the release party: viewtopic.php?f=40&t=1359

Frostfans Poll Winner : $25 Amazon Gift Certificate

Judge's Selection: a selected t-shirt from the Jeaniene Frost T-shirt shop

So get out your spatulas, mixers and imagination, and have some fun!

Such fun to be had! I hope you’ll entre this contest.

Happy baking!

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