Sunday, October 3, 2010

Steampunk Sunday: Steampunk Costume….sort of…

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Friday I was supposed to go to a costume party after work, but ended up going home to sleep instead. This little post will be about the costume I was going to wear, had I gone to the party.

Originally, it was just going to be a normal costume party, but they changed it the last minute to a heroes and villains party. I had already figured out my costume, a Victorian lady, so I decided to go as Alexia Tarabotti. Not an easy thing to do since I look NOTHING like her, but I figured I could get away with it since the other guests probably hadn’t read the books. I had my friend, Maria, take some pictures of me today wearing the costume.

DSCF0072 DSCF0077

The hat and parasol were bought at the Goth store in Copenhagen called The Black Sheep. The vest and gloves are my own. The blouse, which I tweaked a little, is Maria’s. I made the skirt over EIGHT years ago for my high school graduation gala, and it still fits…kind of…it’s a little snug around the waist area. Under the clothes I’m wearing an old corset bought at the vintage store about 7 years ago…it’s pretty much falling apart. I’m wearing a little pocket watch bought on, a ring and locket necklace bought at H&M in NYC and some pretty little earrings my mom gave me years ago.

DSCF0095 DSCF0102 DSCF0104

I have short hair, dyed for the occasion, but I managed to pin it up in the back and a brisk walk in stormy weather is to thank for the waves in the front…sadly also the wrinkles in my skirt.

I’m pretty sure I had more fun today than I would have had I gone to the party Friday…I heard it turned into a pub crawl instead of an actual costume party.

Enjoy your Sunday!

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tradermare said...

Sweetie.. you look absolutely gorgeous! What a wonderful job you did putting that together! *hugs*

Missie said...

WOW! You are HOT! Lovely pictures

smittenskitten said...

OMG!! You are looking absolutely gorgeous. *hugs*

LanYap said...

You look SO good! I love your costume! I read your post on my iPhone, so sorry I'm just now commenting. Your "Alexia" is inspiring me for my Halloween costume, but it won't be nearly as cool! I'm coveting your parasol too!

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