Thursday, October 21, 2010

When I’m Not Reading…The Book Cases are Finally Here!

For the past week I’ve been fiddling with putting together my new book cases. Okay fiddling might be an understatement. After two trips to Ikea with my “lil sis” I came home with three lovely book cases and a cabinet thing. It turned out one of the boards for one of the larger book cases was broken…so back to Ikea. A grand total of three trips to Ikea and I was ready to put assemble my furniture. It only took 5 days. I would have taken some pictures of the whole ordeal, but it’s too painful to remember…no seriously…my fingers were numb from all the screwing and covered with cuts. I “broke down” and borrowed a power drill. YAY.

Furniture put together, the next problem was my amount of books. I have too many. I might have a problem. Is there treatments for obsessive collecting of books?

My Little reading space (I have a little collection of Starbucks cups from all over the world.).

All Paranormal/YA/Fantasy/SF…and a few romances (the space with no books in is where Jeaniene Frost’s Night Huntress books belong. BFF please to be reading faster.)

My owl, Alexia, hanging out next to Cail Carriger’s Parasol Protectorate. The awesomesauce Zigster made her for me. I got it when I met her in NYC earlier this year.

Sunkisz sent me Duckula. He’s just waiting for Pengula to show up. Hmm Waiting for Pengula? I think he might have to wait a while. (Sun I miss you. It’s been too long.)

Missie and LanYap sent me Mr. Voodoo. He’s chilling with Sookie and Eric (the Swedish flag is also from Ikea). Mr. Voodoo might move soon though.


Yeah I have a thing for vampires…all versions of them…even the sparkly ones.

A little mix of everything incl. my new obsession: Paula Quinn’s MacGregor Series and Children of the Mist series. *Sighs* Tristan, Rob, Callum and Graham. Highlanders, Claymores, plaid, and lovely lasses who kick ass.

You can’t forget the Brothers.

Mr. Voodoo might move here and hang out with the Madonnas. This space needs a little work. Maybe some flowers? Oh and I want Lady of Guadalupe poster.

There you have it. My re-decorating project is still not complete. I have to do a desk area over the weekend and I have some frames I’d like for some posters and another special “book” project I’m doing.

Is it weekend yet?


Missie said...

Oh Em Geeee! I love the eye candy on this post! So much to look at! Great pictures. Love all the books and toys, and books! lOL

I feel the same about vamps, even sparkly ones, too.

I wish there was an Ikea closer to me. The nearest one is 5 hours away. GRRRRR. I want me some bookshelves!

LanYap said...

I love that Mr. Voodoo may be hanging with the Madonnas soon! LOL. Wish my bookshelves were so organized. Even my Kindle is a mess!

Great post, hon!

Missie said...

My Kindle is a mess, too! *head desk*


Yup my Kindle is a mess as well. I'm slightly disturbed that the group with the largest amount of books is the 'smut' one, which does not not contain my paranormal books. *snorts*

jackie b central texas said...

I love new book shelves, as a matter of fact need some more but rather than IKEA am going back to Furniture In The Raw store to get mine to match the 4 already have... (Now when is that bonus money coming in to buy them I wonder?)
Of course if I had a Kindle it would be as big a disaster as my IMac computer is right now with all the files all over the joint!

Too many books, NEVER!
jackie >_<

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