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The so called lonely

September 4, 2015
I suddenly feel very tired, said out of tired, cause I wanted to cry. Expectto live all day long. Numbness of the meals, the lessons, go to bed, all thestep by step. Later in time, it seems that brains need not awake canlive. On a computer screen, a beautiful Horn Elk standing on its head inthe grass looking far away, maybe it was in the direction of home, it mightwant to stray. I don’t want to think too much. A migraine attack my brain.I’m so tired, so tired.


I don’t know what should I do to make myself relax a little, I can’t come upwith anything.


I want to stay quiet, I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to think about.


I feel like my heart was trembling. I feel like I am walking in the dark. Idon’t hear anything, you don’t see. Breathing is difficult. I didn’t wantanything, I want to close your eyes, close your eyes, don’t see anything.


I told myself, you’re not alone · · · You are not alone · · · · · ·Don’t be afraid to brighter days. No darkness.


I look at myself in the mirror, some strange.


Those people say they are going to go, to leave, to graduate. They arenoisy, really.


Everything was so strange, does not belong to me, nothing to do with me.Perhaps never have a place where I belong.


No beginning, no end. Everything is the same.

Others are our own

At a very early age, I was always thinking, we go to in the world. I learned later, is to move forward. But we have more to accomplish what others. Because someone else at the same time, we are more likely to achievement of our own.

Most simply put, this is the best, the most direct route. Because it is a win-win or win-win situation.

Play with friends yesterday, he was out of the Ali, when he used to run the business did very well, now do it yourself also does a very good job. He said that customers, especially the first time, be sure to bring some small gifts, turnover rate is very high.

Every time I go out with a small thing, a few years ago, he even knows this sentence, but I quite a bit

Because a friend said, this is a paid, for we have to waste others time.

Even until the last business failed, can still be friends. So he has a lot of friends.

He said, we are the achievements of others, others will do what we. We should do it way to do things.

Behind these words, in the beginning I didn’t understand, but gifts that I understood.

I will share it with others, so when the Festival came when someone sent a copy, they send two, when going to other companies when buying fruit or a block of three fives. Dozens of each block, and never lose, will always be n times return.

Having said that, our group has always been doing things like this.

We speak aliwang when, in Taobao speaking when we 1th is when customers themselves. Completely fool the white customers. We got our own this shop, seeing this, if we would take.

Will buy it, ask any questions, do not buy, and what’s wrong, why should I buy, what can you help others.

Therefore, each word, each description, we are very mindful of.

For example, logistics for a few days, buy our stuff, what happens in case of bad. And so on, every detail is thoughtful for the customer. Such as an agent, agent what to do, how to make money, how to promote, takes a few hours a day. They all have.

So each guest will see the heart. See log in our group know.

Write, write every day, win, be written, wrote a long, deep to win.

After all is more than a Word, really help customers buy the product, anyone who really wants to do to make money.

As we all know, the essence of business is helping customers to solve the problem.

Because he has a lot of customer demand, is not a solution, and they will do it hard. So what really is trying to help them, they became, as we ourselves have become. This is not difficult, as long as we have a heart will be enough.

Next top friend, followed by his resignation, what are you doing. Hosting.

Because he used to sell trust pass, saw a lot of customers don’t understand care, so they went out to help a person managed.

Is he really helping customers to solve the problem, a lot of people didn’t say anything, he managed directly.

But he really did a good job.

Think of him, I think of someone in our village. In my previous words have appeared. Is a girl’s high school, and was in love with his classmate. But my family was poor, the girls didn’t go to College and came out.

Why, because you want to make money and let his boyfriend reading, then, her boyfriend to go abroad, much of it her money.

People in the village said, she’s really lucky. To be married to a student.

But unexpectedly, things not so behind. The students followed by a student together. Then come back and return the money to the girl. And wanted to come back to marry her, already 30 years old.

People in the village said the man does not. Of course, also have said the girl silly.

But the story really isn’t what we can imagine the story behind you has been circulated, there really is such a beautiful love in the world, behind someone marrying this girl. She is a public institution, very high positions.

Then, in fact, we do not need to go on, for the last, but I think this almost.

Because we are sure to make everyone very well. But the results of that study of the boys, followed by bad. And the woman very well.

So I thought, and had the girls not studying for her boyfriend, maybe she really does not meet such a nice boy. Boys mind like that, not being found, maybe girl all my life bitter.

Finally, no results, but never married. But really make someone really made themselves.

In the countryside, especially in early years reading really is not easy. Village had to send his son and daughter to College, never to buy one or two meat three years. And too many people let themselves out to help make money at home.

People didn’t buy one or two behind the meat, the kids graduate, is assigned to a very good job.

Very good job man, later married a very good wife, daughters also married a very good husband, also rose.

Originally, let the child make money out of people, but still can’t.

In fact, sometimes investing in children is really quite worth it. This person is the n-fold return. Most notably he can provide old age. Really not on the plot, reading is really the best way out.

He made the children, his children with him.

In our group, a man, is also like this. Of course, he atmosphere than the previous lot. He is the strongest. He used to do before the electrical contractor, really don’t understand electricity supplier. Mixed Ali ahead of the Forum, really do not know Ali, are mixed stock Forum.

But after we study group, he can extrapolate, to share around.

Because he is just learning, some sharing will not, but it’s OK, someone else will correct, then he summarized and shared. So he became everybody’s central figure, Fujian to UNITA leader, of course, his career has done super well.

We want to know, had he not always help others, pointing out the others.

So he cannot grow up so fast, and cannot be supported by so many people, even treat he spend a lot.

It says that individual out from Ali, in fact this is not his personal like, Ali’s entire culture is like that. It is at a very early age, Jack Ma, Alibaba, many shareholders said, to make money, to make money.

Then press them to Ma, is no way to make money, came close to Ali’s transformation to sell airline tickets.

But one day, he knew. To help small and medium enterprises, SMEs lack anything, MA is given.

Ali, and also specially held a forum on the Forum, lots of people will be saying, what’s wrong, what’s wrong. Ma also often mix Forum, they often write posts. Where bad, immediately changed.

Finally, more and more people like Ali, Ali, and there was talk of paying for advertising.

Ma also finally made money. He later learned that does not dwell on what shareholders want, to what customers want.

He later summed up the classic words, we do not place, there must be opportunities.

In fact, we think, this is really like, when we make others, really can make our own. Because other people are met. And between man and man, between us and the customer, between the company and the company as well.

Help them solve the problem and they are improving, we will progress. They earn, we will make the.

So, things are not difficult to do, looking for a project is not difficult, think of others ‘ pain points, to solve, will be very good.

Forgotten river Amaryllis

August 30, 2015
The small, do you often dream of Bana,


Yes, how do you know,


Because you have been in a dream called Lycoris radiate,




You like this kind of flower?




Engaged in the flowers of hell should be more beautiful,


Legend, a ghost looks ugly falls in love with a beautiful girl, but becausehe was ugly, the girl does not love him, out of love, he only tied girl and,later, to a warrior, he rescued the girl and fell in love with her, while at the same time, Samurai sword to slay the demons. Ghost blood spattered onthe grass, a red-and-black flower where beautiful bloom, the flower‘s nameis called Bana, since then, Equinox flower opens in the hell calledlethe place


Love, probably, too, just because love is different from each other, going to ruin a lot of, but also to forget a lot of. Then, Equinox flower becamethe Dark Angel of love, as it witnessed the death of a black


The small, what Bana looks like in your dreams,


As red as blood, and then became as white as the driven snow,


Your dreams can be really interesting,


Oh, Yes, maybe,


The small, why do you always smile, but I can’t feel your joy,


Did you hear about the river?


What it is,


Is to forget the love of place


Why do you mention such a place, do you have people who want to forget it?


No, loved ones, and how to forget,


Then why would you want such a place,


Because I’m here,


Well, where did not forget the one you love?


Oh, Yes,



Did you see my blood,


Yes, the small, why your body was white not see blood vessels?


My blood has flowed into the Lycoris radiate in the soil, as the price hedoes not forget the person I love.

Love sky

Pillow in a thick straw, side by side, looking at the stars, never talk,just a quiet smile, waiting for a fallen star, through the sky and then make a wish. You ask me, what I‘ve never told you, I did not desire to be prayerat that time, lay on the Hay with you, too shy to sing you a song, I‘ve beensatisfied.


The small, my wish is that we can all, lay together quietly, not sayinganything, but they all feel happy. At that time, happy and simple like acasually out of the song, you say you like to hear me sing, sing for you inparticular, I have always been shy and never look like man‘s eyes, for fear,fear that too after the sincere feelings, you don’t know how you want toprotect. I can only lie in silence near your place, pretending toaccidentally touch your fingertips, then pull your hand. Then, even if theydo not see you, know that your lips are slightly higher angle, it looks great.


Some years later, I got up and left the Hay, leave you, for fear of seeingyou bad smile, seeing something other than good faith. I got up and for a while, you do not have to adapt, then you left, I know you do not like tolie on the grass and watch the stars. After you left, I still like to lay inplace, look at the stars, shooting a lot, I just watched quietly, do notwish.


Today, many years later, I still lie under the stars and quietly look. Likenot bad things, not even a longer shelf life, but something going bad in theworld, I think, hay won’t, stars will not.


Frequent left, just to end all the way, however, the world does not havepure, everything, everything is changing, I would like to see more stars.


Lemon tree

You are in my heart and a very brave lemon tree, after satisfaction of along hard day, I own a small rug, leaning against the trunk and looks up atthe sky, see I told you, and then at a certain moment holding the trunk of awarm sleeping


Lemon tree, you live in my heart, hold my heart, rain and Thunder, I‘m not afraid. You smile I smile, you cry I cry, you give me fresh oxygen in yourspace, I can only live in a


The lemon tree, you are under my own, nobody can uproot you, I’m not allowedto. Anyone who tries to hurt your leaves, I tried with him, I’m not kidding,the lemon tree is something as important as my life!


The lemon tree, I want to give you the most clear and sweet water, carefullytrim attention each visit a caterpillar, euphemism for refusing them. Lifeis so long, one day I will see you come to fruition

Yanlieshan tour the wild geese fly

Interview with poet on the journal 2014,3,26, Hubei, huangmeiJiangxi,Hukou County


Early morning, traffic on the Street outside the door, a motorcycle was hitby a car, drivers for a woman is about to catch the early, who has carriedoff, a pool of blood on the ground. Moto solid, huangmei, more narrowly, andold town road, after a few years of traffic jams more so.


5 by taxi, huangmei County in high tower Temple Tower, Song Ta, math for1000 years, still stands intact. This tower the side recessed, shape unique, ancient color verdant, Kan for ornamental, high tower Temple tower built Yu song days new four years, (1020), high 13 layer, carved has “Emperor Viva” “people Thai real Feng” “art into Buddha road”,, 1989 National Heritage Council had presided over repair once, repair old old, still senior citizen’s old solemn, gel Hun charm.


Sit for a long time under the Tower, Tower to the original temple has beenremoved, but built too many tall buildings around today, the scenery is nodeposit. Disorder, everything.


Took some along the roadside premises of advertising, chaotic, thisadvertising in China, or advertising on the map. Miniature.


After buying 125 ancestral temple in yunwu mountain tea, expensive, tastebland. (Reading website: www.sanwen.NET)


Through the alleys of the old city, selling vegetables in the marketvariety, cyan is gratifying. Take a horizontal winding to a residentialsewage, road House Moss, trees, vegetable garden, filled with smalltownlife. But coming from all directions, impossible, shaped like an attack onguerrillas.


For breakfast, eat a bowl of noodle soup, soup, and noodles, really is theancient name for some.


Think young people today more than 20 years, may never see the order of theday there is a real world (they don’t believe that the world order).


Morning, ride long-distance car by huangmei to to Jiujiang, buy to Jiujiang of votes, car should into Jiujiang bus station, but belongs to private of in the guest for province oil, province bridge fee, put passenger threw in not into urban of Yangtze River North Bank suburb, “Jerry” type transport, but this car passenger are is in huangmei bus station formal tickets ride of, and toss has for more than a hours, only arrived Jiujiang bus station, passengers complained sound. Regulation?


Way across the Yangtze River, Jiang Qiao momentum, mist and fog, rape blossoms in early spring in patches of yellow Brocade floated on the river bank. Remote mountains in mouth, swallowing the Yangtze River with mashedsoup (impression of near Jiujiang) across the bridge, you enter from theHubei, Jiangxi border.


Between Jiujiang and Hukou, 40 minutes, said reporter Sun Yibin, where Su Dongpo’s written notes of the Shak, lived at the foot of Shak, take bus 2through new, live in mountain hotel, a ferry from the Poyang Lake is alsovery near. Sushi three to Hukou, Tao Yuan-ming’s pengze County magistrate ofpengze County, in the NorthEast of Hukou. Hukou, for entrance of the Poyang Lake into the Yangtze River, said Kou.


Passing through a mountain, tunnel mountain yanlieshan, (along the Poyang Lake is goose refuge from the cold place in winter) and I said, I guessabout geese flew over the origin of the name the of the poet!


Geese are flying, he said today was the poet Hai Zi‘s death, March 26, Oh,we forgot, I say, say, poets will sometimes. Wild geese flying to explainhis name, not a pseudonym was originally known as, father, Master Shi flew,because this area in Poyang Lake area is wild goose in rural areas manylater poems omitted the surname of signature. He was born farm, the son ofrural teachers and his early formal education strictly, he said life and lay a good foundation.




Wild geese flying said that poets are the thinker, was a singer. Talking about 80 ‘s post then the highbrow ideals of a generation, glory anddestruction. On the post pay more attention to language, (poetry languageis post by Haiti meaning), and back to the heart, rather than pay moreattention to the noise outside. I say, if one post poetry, interviews,recorded in the title of the book should be called the torture of soul, weare more after 50 is the ideal, (ideal before the batch is in front of thenew China), but already half a shot.


Referring to Jiangxi, historically there are many intellectuals, also haveforce character, Jiangxi has always been a big talent, such as Ouyang Xiu,Huang Tingjian, Wang, Yang, Wen Tianxiang are Jiangxi people, geese flyHuang Tingjian said he personally prefers the Song dynasty, from poetry toChinese calligraphy, said Huang Tingjian’s calligraphy is yinggong, have nofloat at all. Wild geese flying seems to be secretly on Huang Ting-Jian’sown example. Huang Tingjian’s Tomb in Jiangxi province, in Xiushui County.


Talk to hear geese fly, I am impressed chongwen, Jiangxi in the history ofeducation, has left a number of ancient Academy in Jiangxi province, theseed of generations, Diego rain.


Poems of geese are flying, previously I had read three books: the poem on behalf of black or white, dust, or a glass of water, the path of his poetryis language, concerns the mind, the pursuit of beautiful, Ethereal, is topursue romantic, perhaps, can also be traced back to Jiangxi‘s ancientheritage trail.


Geese are flying as a poet, and Hukou of Jiangxi has a good grasp ofhistory, belong to the category of records also can be a little careful,surprised he knew local. Hukou, setting County in the Han dynasty, Emperor Wu had to inspect, rumored to have shot jiaohu, three kingdoms, between Ming and Qing dynasty and the Republic of China, there are ancient battlefields,war, war’s famous Yangtze River, is the Jiangyin, East to West to the Hukou,millions of soldiers across the river.


Twilight in the, and goose fly, and Sun Yibin to Lake side walking, see Dim in the Poyang Lake this mastery Yangtze River, slowly meeting into, Dim in the its potential Ho Miao, lights points points of ship night, Hukou area Lake narrow and river and Lake even meeting a, shaped a pot mouth, continuous 10 in Xu, looking Yangtze River things filed, River ship lamp points, lamented, domestic of river, and Lake are see had some, but also never see this difficult-like a King.


Overnight at Shak feet, the air is warm and cool, open the window to sleep,greedy sucking air, air River, Lake, this city. But geese fly said 1998 wasthe floods, also had flood in history. Night heard birds singing, longsleep.


Facing the river I am ashamed I wasted just to have a tired afterthousands of years, if my Bank regeneration in the nation (remember twoYangtze River poems of Haizi)


Flying geese recorded verse 2:


See egrets


See egrets


Want to be a paddy field


The bed, reflecting the seedlings of reflection


Into a shelter


Hoang long, rocking time ripple


Into the corner, flickering


Into the Earth, a green



Best become a White Heron


Face all


Flying slowly and gently falling


Moving slowly, into a slow


Meditation on one leg, become a kind of static … …


(On the Lake side, I saw a few wild egrets in the beach, learned poet geese fly must live in the farm environment as a child: egrets, grey herons, geese and cattle, paddy … … Are a common view of his life, so to writeeffortlessly)




Of the poem as chance


Writing poetry as chance


See more running



Writing poetry as chance


Thinking hard



Writing poetry as chance


Imagine the wonderful



Writing poetry as chance


Nature‘s best


(This poem is a poem bittersweet experience of a people, by accident)




2014,3, Jiangxi, Hukou County


This morning, together with Yan Fei, Sun Yibin Shak. In the text beforereading Su Shi Zhong Shan JI, the essay is famous, but felt as though shedid not say anything after the reading, interest. To has stone Zhongshan, this mountain is unlikely to, stands Yangtze River and Poyang Lake intersection at, more far lookout on like a giant reef, but into within is has content, trees, and Temple, remains, this is ancient mountain of connotation, Jin generation Tao Yuan-ming’s, and Xie lingyun, Tang Meng Hao-ran’s, and Li Bai, and BAI Ju-Yi’s, song Wang Anshi, and sushi, and Huang Ting-Jian’s, and Wen Tianxiang, are, track to this mountain, left Psalm.


Paper read last night’s shallow, thin known to travel here. All poetry is to be attached to the original background reading. To this I know. Studyingclassics, study old history, naturally so.


Hiking path met local military wrote poems lyrics poet Tang Wangdong, sit onthe hillside Gan Yuan talk about poetry, and rest under the tree.


South Poyang Lakeshore in the Sun expressing, geese fly said, Southern SongYue Jiajun village on the other side of the Lake, in Jiujiang County, my mother-in-law, and Lady of Yue Fei‘s Tomb in Jiujiang County.


Visit Shak monuments and buildings, Li DAOYuan of the waterways of theNorthern Wei Dynasty is written, Peng calabash, Shi Zhong yan, coolmountain slopes overlooking the see Lushan contours. Dong Lu Su Wu, duringthe three Kingdoms period in xingzi County, not far from the garrison, theTaiping rebellion in the Qing dynasty, Zeng led the study of Hunan‘s armyman rebellion, Shak has a built by Zeng Guo-fan’s martyrs ‘ Shrine. RiverHill wins Lake lock, the military struggle. But geese fly said that Hukou isa civil Township of farming since ancient times, due to property climatewere better.


The late Li Hu Peng, Peach Blossom Spring of water.


Birds fly 1000 white, day and a half round red (Bai Shizhong poem)


Dinner, geese fly impromptu recitation Haizi‘s poems and recite the poem asong, his poem read more featurerich, served with homemade gestures, loud,vivid.


Returned to is located in cloud stopped road of hotel, turned read 21st century Jiangxi poetry featured (Tan Wuchang, and goose fly, and Dr North, and Xiong Guotai editor), within received Jiangxi nationality poet: Ophir, and asron, and punch, and white spoon, and cloth, and Wei Cheng, and paint Yu service, and Wang Xueying, and Yin Hong lamp, and Chi Moshu, and e Bank, and CAI told, and Fan Jianming, and fruit River child, and Huang Xiaoyuan, and He Xiaolin, and Hu Changrong, and goose fly, and Liu Liyun, and Lin Li, and Longquan, and Li Xiaojun, and Liu Hua, and Li TINGTING, and rock, and that wood, and Ouyang rivers, and three child, and pen, and Wu Suzhen, and Wei wave, and five in road, and Xu , And Wang Feng, Yang Cheng, Xu Ming,cloud of sails, Zi Jin, Wen Xiangbin, Wild West, and Wu Jinliang, and Wang Chengdong, and Chou, and Zhang Cun, and Ling Zhou, JI, Xu Buqing cloud ofwater, wood, portfolio, and Grand view. But geese fly said Jiangxi poet ofthe native authors is very large, there are limited space not included, tocompile a anthology today will not be easy.


Break up, wild geese fly talks about his work, he had a chance to call intothe big city, but at a time when father passed away early, working motherwas hit by a motorcycle in the village of inconvenience, he would take careof her mother. I say this choice. Last winter I went to Gansu and visit theinjured in a car accident in Xihe County Northwest of the famous villagepoet sleeping, is hit by a motorcycle, this is already a big problem ofcombining the life. Recall 80 read United States accident as much as thisround to the East. Alas, alas?


Yanlieshan call,


Geese are flying away from the Yangtze River,


Poyang Lake with beautiful sceneries,


Lushan look high;


Overnight at Shi Zhongyi,


Rain Hukou tide of HIV/AIDS,


Dajiang Wui heaven and Earth,


The sea ROAR day and night.


(Hukou with geese flying farewell yanlieshan, followed by rain and fogshrouded see Lushan long profile, carfollowing shorthand Jiujiang CountyTransit)

Tin Shui Wai fluttering, Xue Xiao Xiao Xiao

Interview with poet visits the way journal 2013,,11,19 Tianshui, Gansu province


1000 off water, mountain in the six dynasties (Ying Tianshui maijishanTemple)


This morning, in Tianshui, met for many years and finally met the poet Xiao,grip, happy! He introduced writers around, history Professor Meng Yonglin,ecological with the trip to Northwest writers, journalists, Sun Yibin, Hsiaosaid the snow, first visit where he teaches campus! Tin Shui Wai Collegecampus is very big and quiet, way wide, lush trees, there are tens of thousands of staff and students. See snow deep and Sunrise of the teaching and research section of the second floor window, tree vines to climb to thewindow, I said he should be here, as well.


Tin Shui Wai Old City, history long, said built city history has 9,800 years, founding Hou had for Northwest focus “wire” industrial city, city some old, pollution also not light, a article water from town through, said XI he (West sound, this word playing not out, like ancient), into Xian Guanzhong plain of Weihe River, very narrow winding of mountain, railway station distance urban very far, said has 15 km around, go is long.


Vast hills and isolated mountain valleys.


No frontier, sleepless months off (the seven of the qinzhou poetry of Du Fu(reading website: www.sanwen.NET)


To learning research du (A. D. 712–770) life of creation course, and life resume, I think except Changan, and Chengdu, and kuizhou, and and the late age Pan Jiang Yuanxiang several to outside, qinzhou and the with Valley (Tin Shui Wai, and long South) of line is important, this article road mileage long, scenery complex, mountains magnificent, du himself left “poems history” text information also rich, in ancient compiled of du concentrated, often will it return for “Yu qinzhou and the with Valley County line to Shu in the for” a series.


Xue Xiao Meng teacher suggested that we first drove in Tin Shui Wai, anddomestic four grottoes, one of the maiji mountain, about poetry, you canwalk and talk not to miss the time. Poetry is also suitable for play on theValley talk. The urban areas, into the mountain, the mountain would be more,Qinling Yu Mo and Qinling Mountains and junction long Shan, the vegetationgradually, maiji mountain in among the mountains, is famous for itsreligious monuments, the main Buddhist figures statues carved.


Went to a Buddhist temple complex in the many hills, new hongli, the scalebeyond imagination, costly, unfinished.


Return, dusk, the car through the tomb of the Han dynasty general Li Guang,I said stop, hero worship through the ages. Tombs built in the mountain slopes, 1931 Chiang Kai-shek inscriptions and carved, Li Guang, qinzhou, andthe patron saint of the Han laid to rest in his hometown. I said, great,qinzhou, elaborating, here is great three Li hometown: Li, and Li Shimin,Li Bai. A weizhentianxia, a dynasty that founded the best, created the mostbeautiful poetry!


Mountains in the afternoon, had a persimmon wood, the color of dye, theUnited States. See hit persimmon for fruit tree, high trees, trees over manycenturies, had a surprise, and the woman warmly invites us to taste and eachate one, felt as though she had never tasted so sweet persimmons! Alas poorurban dwellers. Think of Confucius. I said: I do not farm (life, environmentand well-being).


Think for du Fujourney arrived in qinzhou city in Northwest China that year, (this city must have ancient incense), completely captivated by itmust be very strong, looking at historical sites, then he also has to stay abroad the way Gan Yuan lived in Valley County, wrote the song in sevenyear up Acorn with the spy, cold of sunset Valley. No book return of theCentral Plains, frozen hands and feet flesh die chap hard edge.


Du wrote in qinzhou more than 100 poems poetry, enumerated has way by shaan into long, and by long into Shu journey (when of road this big different), both remember insurance, and remember secluded, remember beauty, remember hard, also has lamented misery, has Cao Cao wind, by Han, and three antique effect, way clip Syria clip on the, really and does, remember within remember outside, each article can as travels. General poetry of the Tang dynasty. Should be noted, is very important in the whole idea of Du Fu andcreation. This also is the toughest calendar in du Fu’s life death, and wasforced, so sad and hurt, resentment and sorrow. But there the deep poetry of the resulting records, wonderful landscapes and life the end, constitute theUnited States in the United States, this is not forgery, born, tended to betrue.


I was bad even more clumsy, gossip does not earn.


Nothing asks haven, no clothes, Sinan. ……


Liberal-minded stars Moon, vast clouds float.


In the big universe, I grow faint. (Du Fu of the qinzhou)


Dangerous suitable State, forced labor,


Bad rows deep, worry about broken Cliff Temple (Du Fu of the law mirrorsTemple)


About is 2004, snow Xiao sent I a this book, prose essays set despair vast, this title good, of with has “despair riding” famous (“despair riding, asked vast Earth who main ups and downs”), this is a this and contemporary zhe thought, and poems sex about of book, is I in recent years to read of young prose essays concentrated most thorough of of a this, smart, machine interest, full life wisdom.




I would like to quote again and again snow is deep and the few words in thebook (from which I benefit):


“I am a teacher of 20 years ‘ experience at once … … The dialectic of the great tells us: poor big rich, bitter happiness ( the gold of my life)


So for reading, good or poor, managed to buy a book, eat into the belly(bookworm)


“I wish I was a nerd, a silly person in real life … … Look back on myfour weeks, I see several really nerds. I think nerds, these three words, inour time, it should be a real hero of highest honor (bookworm)


“…… In life of mainstream in, full with, actually that is old duct and Porter such a incompetence, and no products, and shameless of things, and yangzhi such some actually love life has skills also has conduct of people, is was life of turbidity forced to has to cry no tears to v no language of embarrassment of edge “(assessment outlaws characters article one of yellow mud gang essays)


What is now? I think it is nothing but the memories of the past and idealsfor the future (the younger generation)


“…… How many years have passed, many years before they realize thatsomething they think is really abandoned them, only to leave them with painof loneliness and isolation. They were too late. When they look back on our art, art is still so young and full of life, but they are old … … “(useless)


Mr Zhou says Dr but gentlemen, because fairies are fantasy, so theyexist, they exist among those naive fantasy of the fresh, natural poetrynot old people to the traditional fantasy (useless)


Everything is deeply hidden in the opposite of their own body (you, me,him)


“…… But in our country, in such aesthetic attitude to things are toosmall, can value the dreams of the people is too little ( I have a dream)


There was a wise man said, want to live (I have a dream)


Where strong strong in real life? Strong strong in him never dreamed! Neverwrite never intoxicated! There is no love! Don’t need God and angels. He isabsolutely horrible, absolute power, is absolutely terrible, absolutelyinsignificant ( I have a dream)


Acceleration of more than 10 years have passed. Do you snow deep and saidthese things out? Or being fulfilled in our lives? What is a poet writershould do it? Poet writer what should guide life moving forward? ……





2013,11,20 in Tin Shui Wai


People say: 7,000 years of history in Tin Shui Wai (Earth b) Tin Shui Xianhas a long history, but most people do not know and only go to XI ‘ an.


This morning, with snow deep, Meng Yonglin, visit the Sun Yibin of Du Fu’swhen qinzhou yuquan, Taoist temples, border quiet, layers of mountaineering,city of Feng Shui.


Thanks to Du Fu Nan Guo Temple, Temple, (who wrote in the poem by Du Fu),another top Nanshan, Du Fu Temple III. And this mountain Temple and drinkingtea, night tea hot and fragrant, warming himself, Sun, tree, green, wildbirds. This large mountain, the temples also. Mountains and lush. And visitthe tomb of General Deng Baoshan, in his early days in the Kuomintang army,later took part in the uprising in Peking, after the founding of the formerGovernor of Gansu province. The evening, visit the water one day in urbanhouses of Ming and Qing, very complete.


And, enlightenment of Du Fu‘s books and thousands of miles. Ancient 8 word meaningful lives classified as read thousands of books, journey modern wasadded to all friends, not really, she had included. Reading can beremedied the deficiency of journey, traveling thousands of miles can make up for the insufficient reading of, but both best practice. Before reading youcan meet all the sages, great men, wise men, traveling thousands of milesyou will personally meet the three greatest mentor: the motherland,historical, natural, if you leaned forward to listen to, and understand, andthey will tell you everything, you meet all the challenges in the era ofobstacles (including yourself) must ultimately answer.


En route, the snow deep and introduced trees, especially the ancient woodlot, is a major feature of Tin Shui Wai, is also a major Feng Shui in thiscity, in the city there are many hundreds of trees. I say, historicalfigures, and talent from nothing love cut down a tree, you go.


Know several road, Tin Shui Wai food, Tin Shui Wai, said geography, not theSouth, not the North, not East, not West, so a good climate. The food hereis a bit like Sichuan, a bit like Shaanxi, Gansu province, also like their own, but gentle lot in Lanzhou, Gansu province. Very comprehensive. I say,why the snow deep and the poet? I seem to have found the answer, and there seems to be no. Think this is a middle-sized industrial cities, located inthe mountains, an ancient water flow is no longer surging, like dried up,(Tin Shui WaiTin Shuiancient times, water from heaven? –) In hidden time in not long ago, a poet, in a quiet corner of the moment, paulownia leaves fly … … Yes, snow deep was born in Gansu qinan, Li Bai‘s birthplace,?


Talk about snow deep and short characteristics of poetry (his mainachievements in the short). Year opened a section of the poetry magazine,called the poetry Forum. Explains how to write modern poetry has always been difficult, easy to talk theorysounding, dogmatic stereotype, but snowdeep articles, full of brilliant, understand very clear, simple and verypopular, this is his years of hard writing, teaching and harvest. Reminds meof several of his poems, and some poetry topic, read it, he was happy, why should I remember? Is well written!


I and Northwest poet snow Xiao of contacts, early Yu more than 10 years Qian I in Beijing do poetry poems frontier period, I had number times on people said, Gansu has two a poet are than I age small 10 several age, talent I Chase not Shang, a is snow Xiao, sampler bow horse skilled, what theme are can harness, put text points lined, length sentence, is poems; another a is wave sleep, on local agricultural of understanding penetrating, by wrote rural poetry beautiful, alcohol and, quiet. I was in the forefront of poetrychosen made snow deep poem, and I think that it is a song of his masterpiecethe dadiwan, the qinzhou, County area only know dadiwan is a town name, andvery famous, ancient human remains unearthed more than 7,000 years ago, mypersonal ignorance, to know. Meanwhile, more problems in his long poemthere is irony intended to deep, he wrote around is occurs and problems. Onthe day would be a bird, and is willing to make deep (his verse), then theconfidence of his own poetry I remembered his sentence. This long poem laterregular newspapers haven’t been issued, because this poem knocked a littlereality.


Snow deep and when communication with me, the address is a college libraryin Tin Shui Wai, so for years I had thought he was reading library was born.Gansu has his poet friends tell me, submission is the hardest snow deep and,once upon a time every week, he almost every day to the post office to mailout stacks of manuscripts, many years ago he used the money to buy amotorcycle, for literary work.


Snow deep in recent years engaged in teaching, research, and his cooperationwith Professor Meng Yonglin specializes in history, is writing a study of Du Fu’s works in Tin Shui Wai area, recently published. This this book I said must requirements a this, reasons du life in the, displaced Yu qinzhou (Tin Shui Wai) line is he in the late creation of a in-depth points, turning point, in here he for himself suffer, and empathy Earth and people of hard, thus will himself of poetry Yu people firmly etched in with, du from here out of has a poet of people of road, glory most! …… How learning shouldnot be overemphasized.


In du temple courtyard within, I took out brings of a package Northeast Jilin of trees of seed (a Gansu no of spent tree, flowering red), handed one gardener, hope he spring of when sowing in mountain Shang, he is happy and interested in, I and snow Xiao, and Sun Yibin, and Meng Yonglin laugh said: “seed like we as, hope put he himself works spread Quartet, I this life cannot success has, help a tree tree of seed’s”.


Nan Guo Temple plant 2500 trees, for Qin dynasty cypresses, lush.


Nanguo Temple, Temple of the South of the city, Guo, Castle, ancient title.


Shan TOU Nan Guo SI, North, water springs.


Old trees, empty Chamber, emptying a city.


End of autumn flower rock, quiet bedroom clock edge.


Mian Yangsad story, stream the wind Soughing. (The qinzhou 12 of the poetryof Du Fu)


Poets to the world not to get what, what did he come and offer! (Walkingin qinzhou road again)


Evening meals, Meng teacher he graduated from Jilin University in Changchun,said to me, why Changchun Street many decades old poplars were cut down?Memories and the he reading Shi Changchun is green more good of city Ah, and said and the Northeast people work of extreme, I said who can learn wrote had ugly of Chinese of Taiwan writer Bo, wrote one ugly of Northeast people, I is for Northeast people also may for clapping, in recent years (10, and 20) northeast people of overall quality, you said is improve has does, also is declined has, and back has? Can also write the ugly, ugly people in Heilongjiang province, Jilin people……, I though the old Northeast, nor justifying people should have self-examination and self-criticism, or no progress. (Selfcriticism about people in the provinces! )。 (Christianconfessions function itself) but today, some people in the northeast ofbandits, you wrote that he would tear you apart. (Bandits in threeeastern provinces in recent years, particularly in Jilin and Heilongjiangare furiously on it, former Socialist for decades gone bad is back) I amaway from home for many years, back to the Northeast, was deeplydisappointed. Progress of world civilization, is not easy. Yes, also witheconomic, scientific and technological advances are not synchronized.


Heaven on Earth


Two River scenic spot


Trace resident Huang


(Yuquan horizontal inscribed board, there are a few good)


North qinzhou Mountain Temple, famous historical sites of Wei Xiao Gong.


MOSS gate, painting wild House empty.


Dew moon hanging leaf, cloud cross the stream-by-wind.


Wei Qing ruthless, du to the East when the sorrow (bis of the qinzhoumiscellaneous poems by Du Fu)


Qinzhou, Tin Shui Wai, repetition of Du Fu‘s poems, readonce upon a time inthe episode Du Gongbu when having noticed his stay abroad in the Northwestsection of the poem, but seeing is believing, to old.


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