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Autumn essay

September 17, 2015

Long did not write, pen, and write blunt, I do not know what to write, I donot know what to write, knocked and knocked on the fingers on the keyboard,and deleted again deleted, words too hard, Duan Zhang is difficult, stillcannot form words.


BREW a cup of tea and a cigarette, stood by the window, looking forinspiration, inspiration is not found, loneliness is not being invited.Wandering alone in the September time, see fengqing, flower bloom, used thetext soothes the soul, but lonely. Quiet night, night thoughts, is the heartof a loss, let your thoughts fly, any time, lazy living quarters. The TV on,I do not know what channel plays nor care what interpretation of the story,except that the volume to maximum, with computerfriendly, sound company,excluding lonely, eliminate boredom. Fallen leaves in a hurry, I do not knowsummer is gone, life, looking back over the past. Time is fleeting, looksold, like smoke, trace, carving on the face is no longer green, infiltrationis no longer wild heart.


Yesterday is gone, the future is still unknown, cherish and seize the day,held today, trace today‘s pictures, were visible colored by his own painting.

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