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Five people five ability and five kinds of outcomes

October 22, 2015
In ancient times, people would divide people into the belief systems, and Ihave good character, capacity and role, and five people;


First, leaders, high moral character, impartiality, as the cause of life,able to anticipate and prevent problems, deciding, BR;


The second, leading talents, ended play dares to spell, when career professional, being able to detect and solve problems, can lead toentrepreneurship;


A third helper, one random obedience, love and dedication, when jobs career,but hard to solve problems, work, responsibility for the family;


Fourth, the team, free lazy and never take responsibility, when the burden of professional, I do not know where the problem lies, and why, which innumbers, it will do no good,


Fifth way, scum, arrogant, no discipline, when the dog dish Bowl, would addcumbersome to create problems and complaining to spoil things.


Therefore, as long as we support leaders, respect, solidarity and help, goodstaff, clean scum, walk hand in hand, hard, Moritami, and people and things,and rectifies.

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