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November 4, 2015
If a divorced women to remarry, are more cautious and more prepared. Mostdirect idea is not to be brought about by a failed marriage pain anddiscomfort.


So, the concerns faced by divorced women remarry, what does? Might as wellcount the following concerns of divorced women remarried:


First, age concern: If a woman divorces between 30-40, remarried facedpressure is evident, there is old and there are small maybe, also boastabout their age, women over the age of 30, the so-called old, remarried, ageis limited.


Second, emotional concerns: the emotions of a woman much more delicate thanmen, women after divorce, always want more, for example, to find a man whowould man still as it used to, and if that is done, so will her ex-husband,which also concerns a woman marries again difficult.


Third, psychological concerns: divorced woman most is bad, if even this isnot timely corrected, will remarry are confused and afraid. After all,reconstituted families, to face the many psychological difficulties, do not.


Four is a family concern: women divorced, his side with a child, in order totake into account the child not to be a single parent, wanted to remarry andare afraid to be shot to another family, so limited by family, and remarrieda woman‘s concern.


Five are running concerns: perhaps divorced women remarry, considerationwill be given to the parties are divorced people, perhaps difficult to breakin feelings and emotions, such concerns, it is difficult to exclude andeliminate.


Six environmental concerns: a divorced woman, there are people who do notunderstand, even gossip. Divorce woman to live in the home, due to thespecial environment, some women are afraid to live in the home, if theremarriage was not successful, it would be a bigger joke, after all, thevillage folks, look in the eye is also embarrassing things.


Seven is an economic concern: divorce women, divorce had not been not onlyfinancial compensation may have to live with their children, if married, whois going to bear these costs, it also taboo a remarried woman.


Eight is the size concerns: divorced women, especially women who had achild, every aspect of the body vary, and some fat, those with physicalhealth is getting worse, which is also remarried a woman‘s concern, afraidpeople think and have an inferiority complex.


Nine are children‘s concerns: a divorced woman, lived with their children,if married, regardless of, after all, and again on a family with children,faced with a strange fusion, sometimes psychological burdens and barriers.


Ten are sexual concerns: a divorced woman, after all, very mature, sex is anatural thing, long repressed libido, upon remarriage, after great demandwill affect the other half, it‘s become things of concern to remarry awoman, can not be avoided.


In fact, divorced women remarry, does have sufficient psychologicalpreparation, if you act in haste, perhaps the dilemma facing divorce.Indeed, these concerns are also women have faced, if these concerns can beeliminated, remarried to a more perfect, at least, will also light up heart,otherwise, it is better to remain single, may be less trouble.

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