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whole to have taken place in the details of a refreshing change

November 17, 2015

Dior Handbag Brand Story Christian Dior (abbreviated CD), has been synonymous with the dazzling haute couture. His gorgeous selection of high-end, superior fabrics showed dazzling, dazzling gorgeous and elegant ladies, and has never concerned about the fashion industry. He inherited a tradition of French haute couture, and always maintains high-level design of gorgeous line of fine workmanship, high society to meet the aesthetic taste of mature women, a symbol of French fashion on the highest spirit of Dior in Paris, the status of the brand very high. Dior is hailed this century, one of the best designers. In 1905, Dior was born in Normandy, France a business owner family, but had his family’s expectations, engaged in political learning, and the final shift due to personal aesthetic preferences, and met Picasso, Matisse, Dali and other artists. Began in 1935, “Le Figaro” of his paintings had also the price of 20 francs each, in Paris in the streets selling their own fashion art. In 1938 joined Robert Piquet the company, he served as assistant designer Pierre Balmain in 1942 to work with, this time he was in possession of the garment design and structure of such techniques. In 1946, Dior handbags introduced the first series of works – the “new style” so that he became famous. Then his design out of control: asymmetric skirt, vertical-type clothes, O-, A-type, Y-, H type, tulip type, Arrow . This series of originality of design, let him walk to the end The most fashion-mae Station. His hard work in Paris, the fashion industry for 10 years, the Paris women’s from the whole to have taken place in the details of a refreshing change. In 1947, Dior was awarded the United States, Neiman Marcus Award (Neiman Marcus Award) , 1950, France has been awarded to him, “Legion of Honor group” Medal (Remise de la Legion d’honneur). In 1957, Dior died of a heart attack in Italy. Dior in Paris after World War II not only restored the status of the center of fashion, but also single-handedly cultivated the design of two well-known masters: Pierre Cardin, Yves Saint Laurent. Dior’s new times that this company also pointed out that it is in Saint-Laurent, Make Bo Han, Ferré, and John Galliano designed to have such outstanding efforts, when the date, the Dione is that people still trust the brand , the pursuit, whether it’s clothing, leather, or cosmetics, perfume. Treasures of the town of card: Blue Gold Lipstick – DIOR mark of lipstick, rich, soft, color pure, in a comfortable and durable reached between the incredible balance. Is also essential for numerous women’s handbag Froebel. 5 Color Eyeshadow – although DIOR will launch a quarterly basis a variety of dazzling new make-up, but this eye shadow since 1987 until today, remains the favorite of many make-up artists and women.

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