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Marking time

March 7, 2016
Wind and moon, teaYingying, but way embarrassed!


Bad words to miss time, marking the distance traveled time:


When rain completed poem, when the completion of the war, when the snow hasturned


Back and staring out of the window, in the dappled shadow picked up a bit ofindifference among alienated!


Memory, insomnia, Trek to the Glen and Dandan oath; Miss, did not sleep,wandering in the strange land before your eyes; snow, light, in strangecorners, carrying dismay and beating for months


, Single, in front of the hourglass of time once again froze, frozen hopegaze dissipation of 1100 degrees!


Once wondered if the summer is going to be a rolling snow covered my sorrow.Now, when there was a rumble of Thunder in the winter to intimidate myhesitation. Lonely winter nights, who is


Flood my thoughts? No sleep, who let the tears blurred my eyes?


Different season, I still think of the flowing haze, the same melody, why myface was pale? Stories buried under fallen leaves, dry in the time, if itpicks up and


Unfinished plot can be broken in a period completion?


Bright flowers, just lost yesterday show the wet mark little, can’t rememberwhen tears were living on my pillow. If our emotions run aground in destined to miss how quiet tea


China, and see that Misty spring? Blue addiction, the proliferation ofrestaurants the night they laugh I’m so stupid, why sorrow out of me I‘vegone mad, sentimentally unwanted attachment!


Awake is the fear of the future, want to sleep, arms ever sad


—-Night, total emotion, hateful cannot find the next day, tonight, as appropriate, for a long time, the pen meeting, not for him, recycling thepast, marking time.

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