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Autumn essay

September 17, 2015

Long did not write, pen, and write blunt, I do not know what to write, I donot know what to write, knocked and knocked on the fingers on the keyboard,and deleted again deleted, words too hard, Duan Zhang is difficult, stillcannot form words.


BREW a cup of tea and a cigarette, stood by the window, looking forinspiration, inspiration is not found, loneliness is not being invited.Wandering alone in the September time, see fengqing, flower bloom, used thetext soothes the soul, but lonely. Quiet night, night thoughts, is the heartof a loss, let your thoughts fly, any time, lazy living quarters. The TV on,I do not know what channel plays nor care what interpretation of the story,except that the volume to maximum, with computerfriendly, sound company,excluding lonely, eliminate boredom. Fallen leaves in a hurry, I do not knowsummer is gone, life, looking back over the past. Time is fleeting, looksold, like smoke, trace, carving on the face is no longer green, infiltrationis no longer wild heart.


Yesterday is gone, the future is still unknown, cherish and seize the day,held today, trace today‘s pictures, were visible colored by his own painting.

Training your wonderful

I remember when blue skies, scorching sun, could not suppress my excitementof the initial military training instructors, standing on tiptoe waitingagain and again, imagining that people moving in the distance in the lastaway to your side of the situation. Outlined in his face again and again, Ithink he must have had a deep Tan skin, a bright and brave soldier, willtake a normal goose, heads held high, came to us with a resolute stare, butthese are just my guesses.


September breeze slightly with the early autumn chill, light volume in ourqueue, we gave in to Twitter, someone asked, we could like instructors? It can’t be! I answered bluntly, Yes, how is this possible? But more than 10 days of military training, and in the end but also strangers.


Excited atmosphere right now, if we want to, he heard the company roared out loud: good company commander! Deputy Company Commander good! They arecoming! Here it comes! See our instructor strode over. Cough we clearedhis throat and poised. Look closer! Near! 50 meters, 20 meters, 10 meters,Commander good! Deputy Company Commander good! Loud cheers accompanied byapplause in my ears resound.


When I saw him, I stood there quietly, inside early surges, I watched himcarefully, it is like a pair of eyes, clear and deep, dark skin lightreflecting in the hot sun. Reminds me of that song just because many in thecrowd at a glance, can’t listen to anything else around, only deep stare.


Not that impossible? Life, after all, is escape possible. In the strongestgesture you appear in front of us, you reserved on a military trainingfield, Word and with the taste characteristic of the military. You said, yousee we are all small doll, but in fact you and we nearly break you, isn’t achild does not grow up? Is the force of life makes you old, make you astand-up guy Lord, please? In fact, we believe that as long as the dreams,we‘re all fine young man.


Sun brings cool breezes, blowing into the bottom of my heart, as military training brings you, before you came into my heart, I’m with you, in thisland we shed sweat, I would you, in the most memorable place. I believe that the company 14 days, I will like you to grow up.


Because of you, the Sun will probably not dazzling, military training maynot be tired, maybe we will meet again in the future, training day, andexciting for you.

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Where is the time, where

At a very early age, sometimes I’ll be in a bad mood, a boring, then I would come out and play. Back to base is not. Because they are aware, every day is busy enough. So every day is busy, business and gradually progress every day.

Gradually I know, where our time, so where are our achievements would be.

Yesterday went to a friend’s company to play. They are doing very well. Remember to know him when he just graduated from that time, but now his company, everywhere is full of goods. And he has been tiring, did not talk to us.

Seeing him like that, we really a lament, they struggle like that is youth, and we are not enough.

He was located in the beginning is hard, but is learning, has been studying his treasure.

So, such as through train, 3 others, he can be at the front 2.

So the book, we question about treasure, do understand, ask him directly would be nice.

In fact, honest, he can have the success he deserves. Because he had been paid, and this is exactly what he wants. We want to know if we can talk to them as hard. We can be.

We really spent most of his time playing, spent watching television.

But when it comes to play when it comes to watching TV, we are definitely better than they know. The plot is proficient.

Story knows no good is it. Sure, talk is talk.

Just as each person’s pursuit of truth is not.

In my college classmates, have a love story, whether its class time, class, too. So he will always fail, but this actually is quite prevalent in the University, as harmless.

After graduation, he continued, it would help people look at his shop. His relatives.

In that case, his wage, and continued with his story. Of course, after have been out of touch.

At the University at that time, I have wondered why people like. Some people can live happy, and we are always spelt. Buy a cell phone novel, cost is really low, but you can also feel comfortable for years.

And where we have been together every day, doing a lot of things, only to find that, finally, they have not yet been happy.

Of course, the problem is a state of mind, but I want to say is, where is the time, where is the achievement really.

Just like our university part-time. Graduate, looking for work is not too bad. And back up more quickly. However, in College, had been reading a novel, sleeping all day, followed by a little trickier.

See all around us, in our life, there are many such people.

Some people, they will spend time on grooming, some people will spend time on the play, some people will spend time in study, some people will spend time on the part-time. Of course, the ensuing results are also not the same.

Flowers to dress up, and became a beautiful woman. Because he knew a lot of patterns, there are also a lot of beautiful clothes.

Flower on top of the play, healthy won’t get bored there are very clever.

Nonetheless, if said career spent in learning is the most powerful. Because they have been upgraded.

This reading, everyone before, must have seen the examples I said a lot of reading. Actually, I really want to say to you that in our case, must be read as much, this really can be life altering.

Maybe we have more books, so we need to learn specialized skills, others have to say.

Like we now have the best people, reading is not the most read. It really is too bad. But they have a hard, be sure to read, be sure to read, so they always repeat.

I have a friend, are forced, even to the reading of the rod:

Every time I go to the classroom, he swore to God, today if I didn’t get the text back, I went out and was struck by a car.

Really be said, because she was afraid of being struck by a car, so always be down.

Now this man very much, is the teacher of the University. Ever the same, and only subsequent fate is definitely not the same.

In this society, people and in the end, the biggest difference is the achievement, is the result. Nevertheless, people still have a lot of pursuers. Like to play badminton, probably can’t play basketball with a ratio, but is there a way to be done.

We do not know if we can do it, but there, there must be a day would be great.

Of course, we don’t worry about the harsh life apart from the distance, and distance. There is more extreme. So we’ll be doing one thing can, also, we’ll be sure to see one thing.

When it comes to doing extreme, I kind of admire, my cousin, who is the calligraphy.

When we are at work when he is still trying to write calligraphy. His calligraphy, can be deemed to be 24 hours of thinking. Sometimes going up the mountain, sometimes tea, sometimes to call on someone else to call on.

Really takes too much time, so he might be done super well.

Having said that, I think of one of my friends, this is not, I did bear the friend introduces me to know. What he is doing. Is engineering. He knew very early works to make any money, said projects must be made in this lifetime.

Nonetheless, he doesn’t know it. He is team work. a full 3-year period.

In the back, himself, made a profit of more than 1 million in the first year, it must have been several billion in sales a year.

He said that project too much road, and is done on the outside cannot see.

We have seen outside, is only appearance. How about appearances, what no appearance, in fact I throw something atn’t know. We do not know. Nevertheless, listening to his stories, we will feel amazing, that’s the way the world is.

Do one thing all my life, and probably a lot of people will think, too wasteful.

But if I could do one thing all my life, in fact, worth it.

Because in this world, a lot of talented people, they only do one thing.

Like those films, Ang Lee. Such as who wrote poetry. And the business. And then there are the officials. Yes, sure. There are the ones who study love, love expert. There are so many. Ye Maozhong such as marketing.

Just like Li Yang said, even a mosquito. Let his piano with 30, he also became the masters of the piano.

In this world, time is the most fair. Everyone is 24 hours. Where, at any time. Action where the harvest is. Their time cards, the achievements of the gambler. Put the time on the face, the achievements of the beauty.

So we select. Choice is to carry on.

We want to think that people can be a lifetime thing. Believe the diligent. In fact than our people, are all of our efforts than men. Maybe we don’t see on the surface, but really is like that.

Know what you want, want to do it. Because far more distant, always someone we succeed, more than our efforts.

Mind and mood

Great society, each grows, work-life environment, understanding, attitude towards things differently, the ultimate mood and state of mind are not the same.

A people of mentality performance with this people of Outlook on life, and values, and worldview of appearances of reveals, directly effect to this people treats things should and processing results, related this people of mood and future fate, in daily in the, we will common to see also a things let two or more personal to processing, has processing have seamless, and very successfully of results; has processing of beyond unusual, and twice of results; also has processing of enough ideal, and left “tail” of results; also has processing of not satisfactory, Conflict-ridden, press the “gourd floating spoon” results. This not alone processing event of awareness attitude, take of should strategy, also is whether right science of analysis has event of integrated induced factors, whether take has “a thing a policy”, and “a people a method”, science properly, and integrated analysis, and “cold”, and “hot” disposal combined, both respect objective law, favors State, and law according to rules do losing principles, real do has law according to rules, and has according to rational, and t event party feelings. In recently around occurred of petition and medical disputes caused of “medical make” in the, individual petition who and “medical make” manipulation who accounts no law, savage crazy cross, organization number whitebait unknown truth of personnel, impact party, insults corporate personnel, in public occasions incitement riot, promote against facts, and provoked public of illegal banner, in hospital Office site private Hall, and laid a wreath at the, and burning offering paper, hinder medical personnel medical service, serious interference has normal of work order, caused has general people of outrage, Public security or judicial organs shall investigate. These petitions and “MDP” mentality of offenders are still stuck in the old “make large settlements, small little settlement” mindsetAnd now advocated by the party and the State to promote the rule of law, building out, far different from the normal path of processing claims. Where there is this kind of “trouble” winning attitude of people, it is their bad mood, emotional excesses, the law granted, overly amplified their own strength, dares to compete with national law, regardless of the public asking for quiet, feelings of happiness, and development, “trouble” is the result of failed, laws of punishment.

One way for people, attitude is very important, it is a direct result of family harmony, relationship harmony and efficiency of work, and the results of the world, but also related to their emotions, mood, and mental and physical health. In realizing great national rejuvenation, “the China dream” and in every home, everyone “happy dream” journey, establish a correct Outlook on life, values, worldview, pay close attention to daily time, hard studying party and State policies, laws, regulations, and XI series of important speech, General Secretary, enhance the level of awareness, adjust their mentality and purify your mind. In their respective posts for party and national make a difference, tell the difference, and something to give. (The author is a member of the Chinese society, provincial writers ‘ Association)

About the author: Xue Lixing, male, Fufeng County, Shaanxi Province, people. Born March 14, 1955, university culture, the civil service (now retired). His passion for literature at an early age, and began passing the mid 70. Township journal forum in the people’s daily, the nation, provinces and cities, Hong Kong and Macao newspapers published literary works such as news quintuple, the award-winning hundreds. Was hired as a member of the National Academy of prose, provincial Writers Association, essays, prose couplets of poetry society of Association, cities and counties, and was concurrently the Shaanxi agricultural newspaper Fufeng correspondence webmaster, Fufeng County, incumbent couplets of poetry society Executive Vice President. His hundreds of works included in the people’s daily, China Journal of agricultural mechanization, the Shaanxi daily, the Shaanxi rural newspaper, Baoji daily syndicated annual collections; his work income of the Fu Feng writers prose anthology, the Fufeng County literary journal series, locally renowned.

Be a woman stories

Just a note, wet from rain, the wind will blow away, the only difference is written in the above content

I’ve been attempting to do do a story of women do not feel old no story to someone else to make you proud. What is life, is but a choreographer himself, later owner, dubbing themselves, rendering the output of its own TV series, what they want to do, depends on our own efforts.

I’ve been trying

Efforts in the communications path deviation

Efforts in pursuit of a dream

Kept busy wild child the way Mercedes-Benz

On December 13 last year, ending a four-year college all courses, waiting for graduation defense, took a holding will say a sentence such as: “four years” of paper. Really don’t know what’s the hurry, final exam review resumes, and selected industry sectors are all journalists, editors, media, study four years of communications, he to die, not for four years you have to live with it for a lifetime.

Then, on December 25, I officially as a trainee journalist for the modern youth journal, pay 1000. But it is not what you want and I want it to be, holding a book recording pen holding a microphone with a video camera. This interview went far! Editors asked to write what some do not know what eggs and only interview relevant. It should listen to recorded speech taped interview.

Then hit hold “China University Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition”, as organizers, say journalists have to do what has become, player registration, hotel, photos, interviews, and even rice and moved the table. Very hard, but also learned a lot, exercise a lot, and make friends all over the country, learned how to be done in an orderly manner to a big match. Quarter-finals awards ceremony, TV media, more and more, looking at your dream to get a microphone in someone else’s hands, envious.

At that time, I knew

My dream is not just to this

Like a tourist

No drive went

Trip only to be detained again and again

Although frank interviews with CEOs, entrepreneurs, internship two months regular pay raise to 4000, hold my heart thought to television work, even if the subsidy is only 400. Afraid of, is just one less zero it.

Dreams seem to flower

Spell into the tail of his strength to catch the dream

Even birth relatives alarmist rhetoric

Jumped to Media Audio (radio and television outside the enterprise) interview, luck, and went in. Entry exams, written for a long time, video clips for a long time, self-learning of Ulead Video Studio but did not use, can only use EDIUS or AE as a lot of people who couldn’t understand the words, I do not know, how to do, knows only the night before the exam cannot use Ulead Video Studio, how! You! In the world! Was going to cry, and Taobao, bought a 48 block EDIUS software sellers very good distance to help me install, start learning. Yes, a night to learn software, cut a five-minute video. All night.

Who said that destiny is God

In our hands

Relying on their own efforts to DIY

However, the reality is not a TV series, a written test and a good video clip-0, full cut a 30-second spot, but with the in point to the out point, “ping ~” on the end. What, you’ve made the mistake doesn’t matter, internship, it just decided to graduate if I can stay in one of the basis.

Just began in Xiamen TV Taiwanese pass program group do has a week internship Director, was “kind” of woman adjustable to do on both sides of secret archives of internship Director + big program Department and Manpower, and manpower is what, is to TV sent tape; to signed various file; to with cartoon businesses Association just gift broadcast cartoon (free provides tablets source to we in television broadcast); to warehouse application various videos, and CD; to help wrote red tape; to do, and update row broadcast, then was “kind” of woman took to to Vice President said is himself do of ; To paint daily ratings table, on a daily basis in a variety of ways with wipe clean Whiteboard wrestling … …

Have you finished? But there was no.

Dub dub version of the teacher to organize several students play titles; to give their payroll; with another far end of the telephone, mail the dub master docking dubbing into which a period to all heads of Department signature of eyes all day:

“Oh, I’m busy, you’ll sign”

“Do not, do they teach you, go back and ask to redo”

But in fact no one really taught me, I only received a sentence: “You do this, I don’t know, you better ask them when to sign.”

If you haven’t seen what this is related to directing, because, I have a choreographer’s work. Script to sort out the messy dub version of the teacher, a character named bright, types will be scolded, without subtitles or the first lines of text into a notepad format, then use EDIUS subtitles, output, a period of at least 4 hours. Sometimes, and sometimes first, sometimes contact guests, sometimes did show she’d never want to see the full version, puke.

Is that so? This is my dream? Is busy is busy is busy, daily are like Shang has clockwork, and real can with himself told told heart of, I thought only she, after all she is I with of first a producer, a awareness I a months on with I said: “has I a rice eat, on has you a soup drink” of woman, a I is trust she, is just was she using to exploration clear personnel manager is with who faction, Vice President what will is who of backer.

And she has been using the “she’s just a child, brave in the dream child, if I left for her to go on learn, I left nothing” this discourse to create only an idiot I would believe the illusion.

Well, Yes, the struggle between the two producers, the intrigues of the two women, I lay down guns. In the end, I go and contest turned out to be I need to know that I trusted her, is it really worse than among the population and insidious. I lost, not lose work and dreams, that line of Defense is the lowest heart, burst its banks.

Aries girl is very stubborn, very emotional

Look for the right things

Shah not betrayed betray

Others say any more vivid is just what people say

Well love to leave

People do not need, bye bye

Later, I left the

Smiling, clean

Every strong heart is made of a soft cocoon dream, tried it and went into the studio, knowing how to make a television show name on TV, no attachment is likely his, oh ~ oh ~ What do you think, really is it.

Put aside all went to the North-East, around half a month, with a smile is nothing himself, come back.

Back in telecommunications for more than 20 days of the day: 9 work works at 10 o’clock, around 11:30 in the cafeteria to eat, to work at half past two, up three points again, off at 5:30, go ahead. Five social insurance and one housing fund, double take, allowance, transportation subsidies, the holidays, no woman’s politics, are not listening to this work very well. Yes, it is very comfortable, too comfortable, comfortable were embarrassed earlier in the legitimate struggle of youth over old age.

Stubborn with my parents, so I can’t do the work, too busy, busy to panic, I did not find its value. So all kinds of relationships, looking for relatives, cannot spell the father can spell relatives, forget it, I decided my personal CV, interview, admitted.

Although the work was different from imagined, just write writing interview interview, send the app to do a small publication, and overtime overtime overtime, however, the working environment, leisure arts, 135, afternoon tea, grass jelly fungus cantaloupe, also, I can see myself working for. Broadcasting dreams put on hold, at least now I’m doing what you enjoy and know how to paperwork, become a man by writing articles for dinner, not very good. Why dedication must be state-owned, must have a good benefits package.

Young, doesn’t let yourself free you can learn something.

Nevertheless, it’s still not what I eventually want to get far away. They want hope, why tube fork in the other direction there were tantalizing aromas.

Experienced, unable to clarify the difference. I can’t go tell asking me how to find work, asked me how to better your life, to what kind of attitude to deal with wave after wave of inevitable only to whack the zombies. Your movies I can’t go with you, but will wait until you to press at the gate. I could not have told you the story, all I can inform you, encountered no difficulty, I chose not to run.

Finally ask me questions you affect me very much:

If your life is not the way to turn interest into work, and making the job into a career, then turn interest into a hobby, using it to balance your life.

Zero says sunny morning at night. Good morning, tomorrow’s mine.

Self introduction

I Chen, called this name a lot, explains that the name is popular with people of all ages, seem to be very dull. But Ialways be proud to say: I was extraordinary! At such times, love I always nod nods: “it’s true” hate my guys were cross-eyed irony: “nothing”. People always respond, I always vote by pressure group the superior laughter. Just started laughing very reluctantly, but disciplined, ability to naturally have forged this proud, almost comparable to Yeh!

Mother says when she’s staying here, to me a hug to friends and family. Man holding me, I love to see him a few eyes, not like I closed my eyes, probably in bed; women are different, I always like to touch other people’s breasts. Someone said it looks like grow up may be. Some people call it some time later! At this point, the mother is worried about.

Can I, please? A little bit, but I agree only say: “the heart of beauty, everyone! “Loving guidance, I disagree with” some time later. ” OK, this is just my great luck, family fortune and education great luck!

Babbling, my weird life begins. Has degrees has of 27 a spring, I experience has juvenile young of childhood, play countless of paper windmill; followed others of footsteps, fart Britain fart Britain of Dang has child Cowherd; East spell West playing of, awareness has video in of four King, began know what called Idol, called on has novel in the of Jin Yong Cologne, Church I has peerless martial arts while, also let I scars scarred, disaster heavy; stepped into the has normal, dew has color of this heart, began outlined up eyes Iraqis to, didn’t want to, to graduated has also boy gold body, is is was of art bacteria; real teacher has Until teachers ‘ Octyl.

Now, the tired and humming popular songs; butter, drink the coffee.

From time to time, I often say to graduate students embarking: “rather than lifelong regret, nor regret for life!

Interview – repair equipment for fun

September 8, 2015
There is some hot in Shenzhen after the beginning, when I walked into theequipment Department of the Office, see Master working clothes were covered with oil, they study in a central vacuum cleaner, sweating. A few days ago,the author will offer interviews equipment repairer Han Tugui, but each timethe appointment time had to postponed due to machine failure. Today, too,and I followed him, watching him repair equipment, immersive feel to thedevice repair work dirty, tiring and dangerous.


Han Tugui early was a teacher, with a vision for the future, love ofmaintenance in 2000, circuit board drilling rig maintenance work in 2002,after obtaining the certificate had been engaged in maintenance work.


In 2013, just starting to expose Bomin leadership will will give Han Tuguidrilling equipment are responsible for childcare. Treasures that he quicklyput to work, found that rigs can play not only to 60% energy efficiency, Han Tugui details for each machine repair, find the accessories of the machinewas too old and not replaced in time, the root cause of this is the largecircuit board quality. Through months of patient service, rigs the gradualrecovery of the energy efficiency to more than 90%. Today, Shenzhensensitivity more than more than 20 rigs and related equipment are maintainedby Han Tugui a person in charge, all equipment under his custody are run inan orderly manner, and all rig continues to maintain 90% energy efficiency.Excellence of Han Tugui still stressed to prevention Yu happens, he said: “Although equipment are in run, didn’t appeared fault, but do for maintenance Member should to clear it of structure, and performance and accessories, and to clear know each Taiwan machine accessories of energy and replaced time, if only because can run and not to tube it, not only will makes machine run hard, efficiency reduced, also will effect products quality, even caused big range of machine paralysis, consequences contemplate. In order to ensure the efficiency, he has been carrying out a60% time to do maintenance, 30% time to do minor repairs, 10% do checkequipment maintenance requirements. Through more than 10 years ofexperience in drilling rig repair, now just listen Han Tugui rigs runningsounds, you can probably figure out equipment failure where.


Maintenance of equipment is a special high-risk work, and very often in thecase of can’t stop the machine for maintenance. In this regard, Han Tuguitell us: one is the required expertise to bear in mind, the other to befamiliar with the circuit, repair equipment must be careful, patient andhighly concentrated remain soberminded, do not be careless, ensuringcomplete security situation, to begin repairs. Employee for a couple ofmonths in the workshop all know equipment repair tasks are very heavy, oftenin the production downtime holiday time, they are expected to use the timemachine maintenance, so almost no rest days.


Practical, hard, work hard, be responsible for all evaluation of Han Tugui,and repair work is part of life for him, is a source of happiness.


Equipment for the products and services, we provide equipment and service.In order to ensure the safe operation of assured products, although tired,dirty, but we are very valuable. I think this is already true portrayal ofthe Bomin equipment maintenance staff work style.

This University is not what I want

I think after reading the complete works of Shakespeare in College, thepoems of Haizi, the collection of Xu Zhimo‘s prose, of psychology, of theChinese modern literature.


I want to finish a novel in College, even if it is not published, I can alsomake memories.


I think in college to help people in need, even if it is little by little,will also drop.


I want to make a group of friends at the University, drinking tea andchatting, talking about the future.


I have thought about it, silently in University life, does not succeed, do not bow their heads.


I have thought about it, I‘ll have a bonsai in the University.


I have thought about, every study with headphones and look out the window ofthe world.


I have thought about it, I will be on the playground every morning.


I think………


However, this is not the life I want.


So, in College, So bye!

The soul, do not forget, no future

Guangzhou these days and it began to rain, the depressing atmosphere in theair, people of breath. A little boring, so take an umbrella, walked out ofthe House alone.


Just walk a few steps, it began to rain. I see the road because of the rainand rushing the passersby walking, a little lucky and a little luck, onlybecause I took my umbrella. People seem to go back on the road, I’m the onlyone in the forward. I was the only person a retrograde.


Rain began falling heavily, became dense. Pedestrians on the road isgradually decreasing, slowly, slowly, I am the only one on the road. Theysheltered under the canopy, watching the storm, watching the street I. Iwalked slowly, like shopping, like a dreamer, no pace because of the wind and percussion music of the rain.


Heavy rain quickly stopped. Pedestrians on the road grew up. I suddenlystopped and looked around, only to discover that I‘ve been away for a longtime. I looked at the way throngs of students, only to discover that I wasalone.


I have fantasized about, meet star, encountered novel Dream, but realityalways ruthless was broken. Myself on that night in bed, holding his brokencell phone while reading the novel, I can’t help be the novel‘s plot andmoved, with crying and crying, laughter and smiles. I was always absorbed inthe novel can’t help put down the phone, lying in bed, watching the pointeralready points to 2 points when, frazzled nerves suddenly exciting again. Asense of emptiness is always comes to mind. Beside me, with parents,students, friends, teachers, but always smiling face. Every night, whileparents at home, but I always felt alone. As if I’m the only one who lived.


Sometimes, I do not know why, tears fell from his eyes out. Look at thosesad, lonely book, always thought that I had, I hope in the future. 


May be used, always likes to sit at home on my own time at the window,watching streets, accompaniment, singing songs written by. Sing sing, in theheart of emptiness will be filled.


Heart and soul, forget the sad once, hope I know what to do next.

If I were the Monkey King

If I were a monkey, 72. I will turn a somersault cloud to Sichuan earthquakedisaster area, save the victims


One night I dreamed that I was really into him, I flew to the quake, I wentthere and saw many houses collapsed, a lot of people died, many childrenlost their loved ones, I felt very sad.


I set aside a few hairs turn into dozens of aircraft, all sending people toa safe place, and later, I pull out a few hairs turn into a lot of food andwater, to the victims.


In order to bring dead people back to life, I go to the Supreme Lord Lao ZiElixir, then came back to save them.


Next, I set aside with the hairs become construction workers, help victimsto build strong and hard House again, later, I was an immortal known as theearthquake relief outstanding hero, was reported by national media.


Unfortunately, it was just a dream, if I was him would be good, I will makethe world better.

My Life log