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If I were the Monkey King

September 8, 2015
If I were a monkey, 72. I will turn a somersault cloud to Sichuan earthquakedisaster area, save the victims


One night I dreamed that I was really into him, I flew to the quake, I wentthere and saw many houses collapsed, a lot of people died, many childrenlost their loved ones, I felt very sad.


I set aside a few hairs turn into dozens of aircraft, all sending people toa safe place, and later, I pull out a few hairs turn into a lot of food andwater, to the victims.


In order to bring dead people back to life, I go to the Supreme Lord Lao ZiElixir, then came back to save them.


Next, I set aside with the hairs become construction workers, help victimsto build strong and hard House again, later, I was an immortal known as theearthquake relief outstanding hero, was reported by national media.


Unfortunately, it was just a dream, if I was him would be good, I will makethe world better.

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