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Where is the time, where

September 17, 2015

At a very early age, sometimes I’ll be in a bad mood, a boring, then I would come out and play. Back to base is not. Because they are aware, every day is busy enough. So every day is busy, business and gradually progress every day.

Gradually I know, where our time, so where are our achievements would be.

Yesterday went to a friend’s company to play. They are doing very well. Remember to know him when he just graduated from that time, but now his company, everywhere is full of goods. And he has been tiring, did not talk to us.

Seeing him like that, we really a lament, they struggle like that is youth, and we are not enough.

He was located in the beginning is hard, but is learning, has been studying his treasure.

So, such as through train, 3 others, he can be at the front 2.

So the book, we question about treasure, do understand, ask him directly would be nice.

In fact, honest, he can have the success he deserves. Because he had been paid, and this is exactly what he wants. We want to know if we can talk to them as hard. We can be.

We really spent most of his time playing, spent watching television.

But when it comes to play when it comes to watching TV, we are definitely better than they know. The plot is proficient.

Story knows no good is it. Sure, talk is talk.

Just as each person’s pursuit of truth is not.

In my college classmates, have a love story, whether its class time, class, too. So he will always fail, but this actually is quite prevalent in the University, as harmless.

After graduation, he continued, it would help people look at his shop. His relatives.

In that case, his wage, and continued with his story. Of course, after have been out of touch.

At the University at that time, I have wondered why people like. Some people can live happy, and we are always spelt. Buy a cell phone novel, cost is really low, but you can also feel comfortable for years.

And where we have been together every day, doing a lot of things, only to find that, finally, they have not yet been happy.

Of course, the problem is a state of mind, but I want to say is, where is the time, where is the achievement really.

Just like our university part-time. Graduate, looking for work is not too bad. And back up more quickly. However, in College, had been reading a novel, sleeping all day, followed by a little trickier.

See all around us, in our life, there are many such people.

Some people, they will spend time on grooming, some people will spend time on the play, some people will spend time in study, some people will spend time on the part-time. Of course, the ensuing results are also not the same.

Flowers to dress up, and became a beautiful woman. Because he knew a lot of patterns, there are also a lot of beautiful clothes.

Flower on top of the play, healthy won’t get bored there are very clever.

Nonetheless, if said career spent in learning is the most powerful. Because they have been upgraded.

This reading, everyone before, must have seen the examples I said a lot of reading. Actually, I really want to say to you that in our case, must be read as much, this really can be life altering.

Maybe we have more books, so we need to learn specialized skills, others have to say.

Like we now have the best people, reading is not the most read. It really is too bad. But they have a hard, be sure to read, be sure to read, so they always repeat.

I have a friend, are forced, even to the reading of the rod:

Every time I go to the classroom, he swore to God, today if I didn’t get the text back, I went out and was struck by a car.

Really be said, because she was afraid of being struck by a car, so always be down.

Now this man very much, is the teacher of the University. Ever the same, and only subsequent fate is definitely not the same.

In this society, people and in the end, the biggest difference is the achievement, is the result. Nevertheless, people still have a lot of pursuers. Like to play badminton, probably can’t play basketball with a ratio, but is there a way to be done.

We do not know if we can do it, but there, there must be a day would be great.

Of course, we don’t worry about the harsh life apart from the distance, and distance. There is more extreme. So we’ll be doing one thing can, also, we’ll be sure to see one thing.

When it comes to doing extreme, I kind of admire, my cousin, who is the calligraphy.

When we are at work when he is still trying to write calligraphy. His calligraphy, can be deemed to be 24 hours of thinking. Sometimes going up the mountain, sometimes tea, sometimes to call on someone else to call on.

Really takes too much time, so he might be done super well.

Having said that, I think of one of my friends, this is not, I did bear the friend introduces me to know. What he is doing. Is engineering. He knew very early works to make any money, said projects must be made in this lifetime.

Nonetheless, he doesn’t know it. He is team work. a full 3-year period.

In the back, himself, made a profit of more than 1 million in the first year, it must have been several billion in sales a year.

He said that project too much road, and is done on the outside cannot see.

We have seen outside, is only appearance. How about appearances, what no appearance, in fact I throw something atn’t know. We do not know. Nevertheless, listening to his stories, we will feel amazing, that’s the way the world is.

Do one thing all my life, and probably a lot of people will think, too wasteful.

But if I could do one thing all my life, in fact, worth it.

Because in this world, a lot of talented people, they only do one thing.

Like those films, Ang Lee. Such as who wrote poetry. And the business. And then there are the officials. Yes, sure. There are the ones who study love, love expert. There are so many. Ye Maozhong such as marketing.

Just like Li Yang said, even a mosquito. Let his piano with 30, he also became the masters of the piano.

In this world, time is the most fair. Everyone is 24 hours. Where, at any time. Action where the harvest is. Their time cards, the achievements of the gambler. Put the time on the face, the achievements of the beauty.

So we select. Choice is to carry on.

We want to think that people can be a lifetime thing. Believe the diligent. In fact than our people, are all of our efforts than men. Maybe we don’t see on the surface, but really is like that.

Know what you want, want to do it. Because far more distant, always someone we succeed, more than our efforts.

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