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Others are our own

September 4, 2015

At a very early age, I was always thinking, we go to in the world. I learned later, is to move forward. But we have more to accomplish what others. Because someone else at the same time, we are more likely to achievement of our own.

Most simply put, this is the best, the most direct route. Because it is a win-win or win-win situation.

Play with friends yesterday, he was out of the Ali, when he used to run the business did very well, now do it yourself also does a very good job. He said that customers, especially the first time, be sure to bring some small gifts, turnover rate is very high.

Every time I go out with a small thing, a few years ago, he even knows this sentence, but I quite a bit

Because a friend said, this is a paid, for we have to waste others time.

Even until the last business failed, can still be friends. So he has a lot of friends.

He said, we are the achievements of others, others will do what we. We should do it way to do things.

Behind these words, in the beginning I didn’t understand, but gifts that I understood.

I will share it with others, so when the Festival came when someone sent a copy, they send two, when going to other companies when buying fruit or a block of three fives. Dozens of each block, and never lose, will always be n times return.

Having said that, our group has always been doing things like this.

We speak aliwang when, in Taobao speaking when we 1th is when customers themselves. Completely fool the white customers. We got our own this shop, seeing this, if we would take.

Will buy it, ask any questions, do not buy, and what’s wrong, why should I buy, what can you help others.

Therefore, each word, each description, we are very mindful of.

For example, logistics for a few days, buy our stuff, what happens in case of bad. And so on, every detail is thoughtful for the customer. Such as an agent, agent what to do, how to make money, how to promote, takes a few hours a day. They all have.

So each guest will see the heart. See log in our group know.

Write, write every day, win, be written, wrote a long, deep to win.

After all is more than a Word, really help customers buy the product, anyone who really wants to do to make money.

As we all know, the essence of business is helping customers to solve the problem.

Because he has a lot of customer demand, is not a solution, and they will do it hard. So what really is trying to help them, they became, as we ourselves have become. This is not difficult, as long as we have a heart will be enough.

Next top friend, followed by his resignation, what are you doing. Hosting.

Because he used to sell trust pass, saw a lot of customers don’t understand care, so they went out to help a person managed.

Is he really helping customers to solve the problem, a lot of people didn’t say anything, he managed directly.

But he really did a good job.

Think of him, I think of someone in our village. In my previous words have appeared. Is a girl’s high school, and was in love with his classmate. But my family was poor, the girls didn’t go to College and came out.

Why, because you want to make money and let his boyfriend reading, then, her boyfriend to go abroad, much of it her money.

People in the village said, she’s really lucky. To be married to a student.

But unexpectedly, things not so behind. The students followed by a student together. Then come back and return the money to the girl. And wanted to come back to marry her, already 30 years old.

People in the village said the man does not. Of course, also have said the girl silly.

But the story really isn’t what we can imagine the story behind you has been circulated, there really is such a beautiful love in the world, behind someone marrying this girl. She is a public institution, very high positions.

Then, in fact, we do not need to go on, for the last, but I think this almost.

Because we are sure to make everyone very well. But the results of that study of the boys, followed by bad. And the woman very well.

So I thought, and had the girls not studying for her boyfriend, maybe she really does not meet such a nice boy. Boys mind like that, not being found, maybe girl all my life bitter.

Finally, no results, but never married. But really make someone really made themselves.

In the countryside, especially in early years reading really is not easy. Village had to send his son and daughter to College, never to buy one or two meat three years. And too many people let themselves out to help make money at home.

People didn’t buy one or two behind the meat, the kids graduate, is assigned to a very good job.

Very good job man, later married a very good wife, daughters also married a very good husband, also rose.

Originally, let the child make money out of people, but still can’t.

In fact, sometimes investing in children is really quite worth it. This person is the n-fold return. Most notably he can provide old age. Really not on the plot, reading is really the best way out.

He made the children, his children with him.

In our group, a man, is also like this. Of course, he atmosphere than the previous lot. He is the strongest. He used to do before the electrical contractor, really don’t understand electricity supplier. Mixed Ali ahead of the Forum, really do not know Ali, are mixed stock Forum.

But after we study group, he can extrapolate, to share around.

Because he is just learning, some sharing will not, but it’s OK, someone else will correct, then he summarized and shared. So he became everybody’s central figure, Fujian to UNITA leader, of course, his career has done super well.

We want to know, had he not always help others, pointing out the others.

So he cannot grow up so fast, and cannot be supported by so many people, even treat he spend a lot.

It says that individual out from Ali, in fact this is not his personal like, Ali’s entire culture is like that. It is at a very early age, Jack Ma, Alibaba, many shareholders said, to make money, to make money.

Then press them to Ma, is no way to make money, came close to Ali’s transformation to sell airline tickets.

But one day, he knew. To help small and medium enterprises, SMEs lack anything, MA is given.

Ali, and also specially held a forum on the Forum, lots of people will be saying, what’s wrong, what’s wrong. Ma also often mix Forum, they often write posts. Where bad, immediately changed.

Finally, more and more people like Ali, Ali, and there was talk of paying for advertising.

Ma also finally made money. He later learned that does not dwell on what shareholders want, to what customers want.

He later summed up the classic words, we do not place, there must be opportunities.

In fact, we think, this is really like, when we make others, really can make our own. Because other people are met. And between man and man, between us and the customer, between the company and the company as well.

Help them solve the problem and they are improving, we will progress. They earn, we will make the.

So, things are not difficult to do, looking for a project is not difficult, think of others ‘ pain points, to solve, will be very good.

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