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Lemon tree

August 30, 2015
You are in my heart and a very brave lemon tree, after satisfaction of along hard day, I own a small rug, leaning against the trunk and looks up atthe sky, see I told you, and then at a certain moment holding the trunk of awarm sleeping


Lemon tree, you live in my heart, hold my heart, rain and Thunder, I‘m not afraid. You smile I smile, you cry I cry, you give me fresh oxygen in yourspace, I can only live in a


The lemon tree, you are under my own, nobody can uproot you, I’m not allowedto. Anyone who tries to hurt your leaves, I tried with him, I’m not kidding,the lemon tree is something as important as my life!


The lemon tree, I want to give you the most clear and sweet water, carefullytrim attention each visit a caterpillar, euphemism for refusing them. Lifeis so long, one day I will see you come to fruition

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