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Yanlieshan tour the wild geese fly

August 30, 2015
Interview with poet on the journal 2014,3,26, Hubei, huangmeiJiangxi,Hukou County


Early morning, traffic on the Street outside the door, a motorcycle was hitby a car, drivers for a woman is about to catch the early, who has carriedoff, a pool of blood on the ground. Moto solid, huangmei, more narrowly, andold town road, after a few years of traffic jams more so.


5 by taxi, huangmei County in high tower Temple Tower, Song Ta, math for1000 years, still stands intact. This tower the side recessed, shape unique, ancient color verdant, Kan for ornamental, high tower Temple tower built Yu song days new four years, (1020), high 13 layer, carved has “Emperor Viva” “people Thai real Feng” “art into Buddha road”,, 1989 National Heritage Council had presided over repair once, repair old old, still senior citizen’s old solemn, gel Hun charm.


Sit for a long time under the Tower, Tower to the original temple has beenremoved, but built too many tall buildings around today, the scenery is nodeposit. Disorder, everything.


Took some along the roadside premises of advertising, chaotic, thisadvertising in China, or advertising on the map. Miniature.


After buying 125 ancestral temple in yunwu mountain tea, expensive, tastebland. (Reading website: www.sanwen.NET)


Through the alleys of the old city, selling vegetables in the marketvariety, cyan is gratifying. Take a horizontal winding to a residentialsewage, road House Moss, trees, vegetable garden, filled with smalltownlife. But coming from all directions, impossible, shaped like an attack onguerrillas.


For breakfast, eat a bowl of noodle soup, soup, and noodles, really is theancient name for some.


Think young people today more than 20 years, may never see the order of theday there is a real world (they don’t believe that the world order).


Morning, ride long-distance car by huangmei to to Jiujiang, buy to Jiujiang of votes, car should into Jiujiang bus station, but belongs to private of in the guest for province oil, province bridge fee, put passenger threw in not into urban of Yangtze River North Bank suburb, “Jerry” type transport, but this car passenger are is in huangmei bus station formal tickets ride of, and toss has for more than a hours, only arrived Jiujiang bus station, passengers complained sound. Regulation?


Way across the Yangtze River, Jiang Qiao momentum, mist and fog, rape blossoms in early spring in patches of yellow Brocade floated on the river bank. Remote mountains in mouth, swallowing the Yangtze River with mashedsoup (impression of near Jiujiang) across the bridge, you enter from theHubei, Jiangxi border.


Between Jiujiang and Hukou, 40 minutes, said reporter Sun Yibin, where Su Dongpo’s written notes of the Shak, lived at the foot of Shak, take bus 2through new, live in mountain hotel, a ferry from the Poyang Lake is alsovery near. Sushi three to Hukou, Tao Yuan-ming’s pengze County magistrate ofpengze County, in the NorthEast of Hukou. Hukou, for entrance of the Poyang Lake into the Yangtze River, said Kou.


Passing through a mountain, tunnel mountain yanlieshan, (along the Poyang Lake is goose refuge from the cold place in winter) and I said, I guessabout geese flew over the origin of the name the of the poet!


Geese are flying, he said today was the poet Hai Zi‘s death, March 26, Oh,we forgot, I say, say, poets will sometimes. Wild geese flying to explainhis name, not a pseudonym was originally known as, father, Master Shi flew,because this area in Poyang Lake area is wild goose in rural areas manylater poems omitted the surname of signature. He was born farm, the son ofrural teachers and his early formal education strictly, he said life and lay a good foundation.




Wild geese flying said that poets are the thinker, was a singer. Talking about 80 ‘s post then the highbrow ideals of a generation, glory anddestruction. On the post pay more attention to language, (poetry languageis post by Haiti meaning), and back to the heart, rather than pay moreattention to the noise outside. I say, if one post poetry, interviews,recorded in the title of the book should be called the torture of soul, weare more after 50 is the ideal, (ideal before the batch is in front of thenew China), but already half a shot.


Referring to Jiangxi, historically there are many intellectuals, also haveforce character, Jiangxi has always been a big talent, such as Ouyang Xiu,Huang Tingjian, Wang, Yang, Wen Tianxiang are Jiangxi people, geese flyHuang Tingjian said he personally prefers the Song dynasty, from poetry toChinese calligraphy, said Huang Tingjian’s calligraphy is yinggong, have nofloat at all. Wild geese flying seems to be secretly on Huang Ting-Jian’sown example. Huang Tingjian’s Tomb in Jiangxi province, in Xiushui County.


Talk to hear geese fly, I am impressed chongwen, Jiangxi in the history ofeducation, has left a number of ancient Academy in Jiangxi province, theseed of generations, Diego rain.


Poems of geese are flying, previously I had read three books: the poem on behalf of black or white, dust, or a glass of water, the path of his poetryis language, concerns the mind, the pursuit of beautiful, Ethereal, is topursue romantic, perhaps, can also be traced back to Jiangxi‘s ancientheritage trail.


Geese are flying as a poet, and Hukou of Jiangxi has a good grasp ofhistory, belong to the category of records also can be a little careful,surprised he knew local. Hukou, setting County in the Han dynasty, Emperor Wu had to inspect, rumored to have shot jiaohu, three kingdoms, between Ming and Qing dynasty and the Republic of China, there are ancient battlefields,war, war’s famous Yangtze River, is the Jiangyin, East to West to the Hukou,millions of soldiers across the river.


Twilight in the, and goose fly, and Sun Yibin to Lake side walking, see Dim in the Poyang Lake this mastery Yangtze River, slowly meeting into, Dim in the its potential Ho Miao, lights points points of ship night, Hukou area Lake narrow and river and Lake even meeting a, shaped a pot mouth, continuous 10 in Xu, looking Yangtze River things filed, River ship lamp points, lamented, domestic of river, and Lake are see had some, but also never see this difficult-like a King.


Overnight at Shak feet, the air is warm and cool, open the window to sleep,greedy sucking air, air River, Lake, this city. But geese fly said 1998 wasthe floods, also had flood in history. Night heard birds singing, longsleep.


Facing the river I am ashamed I wasted just to have a tired afterthousands of years, if my Bank regeneration in the nation (remember twoYangtze River poems of Haizi)


Flying geese recorded verse 2:


See egrets


See egrets


Want to be a paddy field


The bed, reflecting the seedlings of reflection


Into a shelter


Hoang long, rocking time ripple


Into the corner, flickering


Into the Earth, a green



Best become a White Heron


Face all


Flying slowly and gently falling


Moving slowly, into a slow


Meditation on one leg, become a kind of static … …


(On the Lake side, I saw a few wild egrets in the beach, learned poet geese fly must live in the farm environment as a child: egrets, grey herons, geese and cattle, paddy … … Are a common view of his life, so to writeeffortlessly)




Of the poem as chance


Writing poetry as chance


See more running



Writing poetry as chance


Thinking hard



Writing poetry as chance


Imagine the wonderful



Writing poetry as chance


Nature‘s best


(This poem is a poem bittersweet experience of a people, by accident)




2014,3, Jiangxi, Hukou County


This morning, together with Yan Fei, Sun Yibin Shak. In the text beforereading Su Shi Zhong Shan JI, the essay is famous, but felt as though shedid not say anything after the reading, interest. To has stone Zhongshan, this mountain is unlikely to, stands Yangtze River and Poyang Lake intersection at, more far lookout on like a giant reef, but into within is has content, trees, and Temple, remains, this is ancient mountain of connotation, Jin generation Tao Yuan-ming’s, and Xie lingyun, Tang Meng Hao-ran’s, and Li Bai, and BAI Ju-Yi’s, song Wang Anshi, and sushi, and Huang Ting-Jian’s, and Wen Tianxiang, are, track to this mountain, left Psalm.


Paper read last night’s shallow, thin known to travel here. All poetry is to be attached to the original background reading. To this I know. Studyingclassics, study old history, naturally so.


Hiking path met local military wrote poems lyrics poet Tang Wangdong, sit onthe hillside Gan Yuan talk about poetry, and rest under the tree.


South Poyang Lakeshore in the Sun expressing, geese fly said, Southern SongYue Jiajun village on the other side of the Lake, in Jiujiang County, my mother-in-law, and Lady of Yue Fei‘s Tomb in Jiujiang County.


Visit Shak monuments and buildings, Li DAOYuan of the waterways of theNorthern Wei Dynasty is written, Peng calabash, Shi Zhong yan, coolmountain slopes overlooking the see Lushan contours. Dong Lu Su Wu, duringthe three Kingdoms period in xingzi County, not far from the garrison, theTaiping rebellion in the Qing dynasty, Zeng led the study of Hunan‘s armyman rebellion, Shak has a built by Zeng Guo-fan’s martyrs ‘ Shrine. RiverHill wins Lake lock, the military struggle. But geese fly said that Hukou isa civil Township of farming since ancient times, due to property climatewere better.


The late Li Hu Peng, Peach Blossom Spring of water.


Birds fly 1000 white, day and a half round red (Bai Shizhong poem)


Dinner, geese fly impromptu recitation Haizi‘s poems and recite the poem asong, his poem read more featurerich, served with homemade gestures, loud,vivid.


Returned to is located in cloud stopped road of hotel, turned read 21st century Jiangxi poetry featured (Tan Wuchang, and goose fly, and Dr North, and Xiong Guotai editor), within received Jiangxi nationality poet: Ophir, and asron, and punch, and white spoon, and cloth, and Wei Cheng, and paint Yu service, and Wang Xueying, and Yin Hong lamp, and Chi Moshu, and e Bank, and CAI told, and Fan Jianming, and fruit River child, and Huang Xiaoyuan, and He Xiaolin, and Hu Changrong, and goose fly, and Liu Liyun, and Lin Li, and Longquan, and Li Xiaojun, and Liu Hua, and Li TINGTING, and rock, and that wood, and Ouyang rivers, and three child, and pen, and Wu Suzhen, and Wei wave, and five in road, and Xu , And Wang Feng, Yang Cheng, Xu Ming,cloud of sails, Zi Jin, Wen Xiangbin, Wild West, and Wu Jinliang, and Wang Chengdong, and Chou, and Zhang Cun, and Ling Zhou, JI, Xu Buqing cloud ofwater, wood, portfolio, and Grand view. But geese fly said Jiangxi poet ofthe native authors is very large, there are limited space not included, tocompile a anthology today will not be easy.


Break up, wild geese fly talks about his work, he had a chance to call intothe big city, but at a time when father passed away early, working motherwas hit by a motorcycle in the village of inconvenience, he would take careof her mother. I say this choice. Last winter I went to Gansu and visit theinjured in a car accident in Xihe County Northwest of the famous villagepoet sleeping, is hit by a motorcycle, this is already a big problem ofcombining the life. Recall 80 read United States accident as much as thisround to the East. Alas, alas?


Yanlieshan call,


Geese are flying away from the Yangtze River,


Poyang Lake with beautiful sceneries,


Lushan look high;


Overnight at Shi Zhongyi,


Rain Hukou tide of HIV/AIDS,


Dajiang Wui heaven and Earth,


The sea ROAR day and night.


(Hukou with geese flying farewell yanlieshan, followed by rain and fogshrouded see Lushan long profile, carfollowing shorthand Jiujiang CountyTransit)

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