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Mind and mood

September 17, 2015

Great society, each grows, work-life environment, understanding, attitude towards things differently, the ultimate mood and state of mind are not the same.

A people of mentality performance with this people of Outlook on life, and values, and worldview of appearances of reveals, directly effect to this people treats things should and processing results, related this people of mood and future fate, in daily in the, we will common to see also a things let two or more personal to processing, has processing have seamless, and very successfully of results; has processing of beyond unusual, and twice of results; also has processing of enough ideal, and left “tail” of results; also has processing of not satisfactory, Conflict-ridden, press the “gourd floating spoon” results. This not alone processing event of awareness attitude, take of should strategy, also is whether right science of analysis has event of integrated induced factors, whether take has “a thing a policy”, and “a people a method”, science properly, and integrated analysis, and “cold”, and “hot” disposal combined, both respect objective law, favors State, and law according to rules do losing principles, real do has law according to rules, and has according to rational, and t event party feelings. In recently around occurred of petition and medical disputes caused of “medical make” in the, individual petition who and “medical make” manipulation who accounts no law, savage crazy cross, organization number whitebait unknown truth of personnel, impact party, insults corporate personnel, in public occasions incitement riot, promote against facts, and provoked public of illegal banner, in hospital Office site private Hall, and laid a wreath at the, and burning offering paper, hinder medical personnel medical service, serious interference has normal of work order, caused has general people of outrage, Public security or judicial organs shall investigate. These petitions and “MDP” mentality of offenders are still stuck in the old “make large settlements, small little settlement” mindsetAnd now advocated by the party and the State to promote the rule of law, building out, far different from the normal path of processing claims. Where there is this kind of “trouble” winning attitude of people, it is their bad mood, emotional excesses, the law granted, overly amplified their own strength, dares to compete with national law, regardless of the public asking for quiet, feelings of happiness, and development, “trouble” is the result of failed, laws of punishment.

One way for people, attitude is very important, it is a direct result of family harmony, relationship harmony and efficiency of work, and the results of the world, but also related to their emotions, mood, and mental and physical health. In realizing great national rejuvenation, “the China dream” and in every home, everyone “happy dream” journey, establish a correct Outlook on life, values, worldview, pay close attention to daily time, hard studying party and State policies, laws, regulations, and XI series of important speech, General Secretary, enhance the level of awareness, adjust their mentality and purify your mind. In their respective posts for party and national make a difference, tell the difference, and something to give. (The author is a member of the Chinese society, provincial writers ‘ Association)

About the author: Xue Lixing, male, Fufeng County, Shaanxi Province, people. Born March 14, 1955, university culture, the civil service (now retired). His passion for literature at an early age, and began passing the mid 70. Township journal forum in the people’s daily, the nation, provinces and cities, Hong Kong and Macao newspapers published literary works such as news quintuple, the award-winning hundreds. Was hired as a member of the National Academy of prose, provincial Writers Association, essays, prose couplets of poetry society of Association, cities and counties, and was concurrently the Shaanxi agricultural newspaper Fufeng correspondence webmaster, Fufeng County, incumbent couplets of poetry society Executive Vice President. His hundreds of works included in the people’s daily, China Journal of agricultural mechanization, the Shaanxi daily, the Shaanxi rural newspaper, Baoji daily syndicated annual collections; his work income of the Fu Feng writers prose anthology, the Fufeng County literary journal series, locally renowned.

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