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You don’t know the world

August 4, 2016

Reading does not mean that is left, change to know real talent, everyone has the advantage of expanded ten times, has the advantages of small also is to let people say, everyone’s shortcomings to expand tenfold, others don’t hate will choose silence, in this materialistic world, we learned to endure, we learned to change, not obtained with our pursuit of, but with the life to, many demands for naught. Many memorable become the wounds, we only obtained is waiting for dead time is getting closer.
See beyond a person needs to have the consolidation of internal force of what they, then guess a person must have the talent, our every minute, the goal of classification of life, every decision we, are likely to become failure, but we still believe that success in front of us, success is easy to walk into, in fact, the fastest success is from the death of a step closer, then make money opportunities less, circle of friends small, you will know what loneliness is growing the fastest time, you will try to figure out, you can guess.
Everyone has weaknesses, each people have the experience of failure, pass by the scenery, or look at the expression, we experience is the sniper thinking, or resolve expression, for individuals, ordinary people like the, is to resolve the chase, for the struggle of the people, prefer to challenge to catch the sniper thinking, selection of risk, climbing to its peak, when we discerned, high feeling extremely cold, see through the laughing at others, in fact, our true ridicule is poor themselves.
Alive, is not only to eat and drink, in order to avoid the parents will let others despise, to leave the family to say his smile is moved by oneself, so most of the time, move others, not their own, but others experience the landscape and people. Later, we learn sense move on their own, just know, pay is not so easy to insist on, back has not had the young, even all the land, also can stand up, without tongue without eloquence, but we still have a heart to continue to wait for the heart.

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