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Hurry that year

October 22, 2015
Hurry that year


Friends hard to come by, but most of the time, we lack trust, do not need tounderstand. Signature


Time is still there, but Enron? We of that year‘s most hilarious, but now isa quiet loner, this is not the inevitable course, but our common choice.


That year, memories began to blur, vaguely remembers being small partnerswith handcuffs attached to a tree, a young girl ran to ignore the threat offriends moved reinforcements after the handcuffs became my first real toys.


That year, listening to the wind is the rain, particularly immunizationinjections, fear is beyond imagination, also hear someone sneaking out fromhiding in the morning till 9 o’clock in the evening.


That year, in order to be a big problem, I sneak out the door a few fingers,hands is not enough to take out the feet. (Reading website: www.sanwen.NET)


That year, with elderly grandmother go to the well to draw water, smalleffort coupled with the sudden change, breaking the head (natural, somedetails in my memory not because their causes, but on the people. ) Laterbecause the doctor is incompetent, penicillin allergy, and left a very deepshadow.


In those years, even the haircuts are afraid, like every beheading. In thoseyears, with sister secretly to their classroom, hiding in the back, butlearn to back a few Chinese poem, although do not know what that means, inthose years, ever since the little girl and smaller partners have found anew friend, and at that time I was very independent.


That year, reluctantly, a variety of admissions, a whole month hiding underthe desk, the teacher came to me crying, but fortunately met teacher, in hisdeliberately slowly out of fear.


That year, School Division, the other schools often come to make trouble, asyounger, often bullied, too, with his elementary school classmates inplaying particularly well, that period of time, whether a student or ateacher, will be a lifetime memory.


That year, the school incorporated another new teacher, not used to it.Because the same talk with nothing to fear against principals, all ideas aregone, do not like talking, reading aloud straight down.


That year, a change of teachers in the field, he live, ask two students to agroup at noon every day to wash his clothes, and then was assigned to agroup of very beautiful girls, wanted to do well, but not, so do look onlyon the edge all the time. Even more important was that year, serious declinein all levels, and several were forced to repeat the grade.


That year, the teachers when their children finally could not stand it,strong demand has replaced the foreign teacher, although he only taught usthe language.


That year, the measure may be more than some, at least for me, definitelymuch better than three serious times. Always accompany star back home,everybody‘s gone, leaving us a class, that kind of feeling is very subtle,the first sense that everyone is a whole, and only felt between two peopleso kind.


In those years, although not too many memories, but come to think of it isalways so sweet. To my classmates always wind, always just like to stand up,but slowly changed, scruples, and people do not like it used to be.


That year, with expectations of teachers expectations of achievement uponentering secondary school, I was feeling, but look uncomfortable himselfinevitably sad. That year, because of trouble and my mom, at home playing with fire, and finally to control irresponsible after running away from home, in fact, that is also scared not light. Or that year, in the case ofschools could make the arrangements, not out of school, not eating for aweek, immortal nickname.


That year, summer going to cram school, a group of people day and nightplaying chess, and then hooked up, completely out of English, level of chessknown, always let the people (of course only horses and Cannon). Togetherunder the and most of the pieces studied lore.


That year, big snow, buried a lot of memory, it seems all is as blank as thesnow, so sudden.


In those years, has been in a rebellious mood, as long as the guests, alwaystry to make him uncomfortable, sister‘s friend watching TV always running tochange the channel, his father‘s friend in chat and back in past and loud ortea run, OK and friends around the scourge. Also sometimes like to seereaders, meaning forest, such as chicken soup for the soul magazine.


That year, nervously into the expected high school that semester, Grandma,Dad had a car accident, finals 6 section 80 (language numbers out of 150),but it seems that they are very heavy, but the more do not like talking.


That year, the only time pay close attention to mathematics, thankfully,mathematical unlike English, none fell into a nightmare.


That year, the first time a person out of town, I feel everything isstrange, but watching someone else with a pile a stack of information onexam review, excited at that moment become lost, too many questions, I‘venever seen, I’m just here to get soy sauce.


Blundering peace of mind a lot in those years, begin to love and friendsalong the river walk, like to listen to quiet music. Also in those years,like Qin‘s Moon and Kyushu fantasies, to start paying attention to the animeand novels, but then on the Internet novel more and more disappointed.


That a years, due to various reasons, entrance are sleepy has, and due to various reasons and dad mom anger, regardless of regardless of to out waves,, back of when has is took notice has, then is various Banquet, first times drink has wine, only know wine is not others said of as, also not book SHANG wrote of that taste, in I seems it somewhat bitter, is is not like, but also is drink has many, and no think heroism dry cloud, just slightly headache, also is has many students drunk has, at himself also strong loaded calm, Down a run, sure enough fell, but got so happy. Reluctantly, stillvowed to University after a few days. Many thanks to one man, just becausethe other person will no longer have contact with him.


That year, after the familiar environment, gradually more villagers, thefamiliar students, said: some people say College is a PIN Zhi cave, we willslowly sink. He was dismissed, and decided he must not be changed. Alsothat year, met a group of people, with a faithful heart, grow accustomed tousing chat software chat.


That year, immersed in the banner below and chat, Internet access no longerjust like I used to look up the information or say hello to acquaintancescan’t help saying a few joke, couldn’t help watching anime. Also that year,the students introduced me to object, but only met, ate a meal, not then.Preyed on, not feel pity, just live up to the good intentions of thestudents, as a boy, what the Chase Chase others Yes, we found under thestairs as well. Then they find that they have changed, not so serious abouteverything, had been secretly under the commitment has not.


That year, for the campus, this style better than there, but they are stillthat way, like a driver’s license, is further delay. But the summer back,the most beloved first teacher and my dad when it comes to me, said twowords I can’t forget: you do not know your son, dead tired won’t say he istired. He‘s changed. Ask yourself again and again, exactly what has becomeover the years, alienated those close to each other, who respect one sigh,what happened. On that rainy night, was scolded by the teacher, is despised by students, called back and my dad had a fight, one scoop of Tang sat onenight, found the rain did not keep people awake, silently deleted 60% ‘sfriends.


In those years, fascinated by ancient customs, also because they like on aparticular aversion people trampled on, for those who hold ancient when thecover, all kinds of parallel sentences, rhetoric, East moved west upsentences, angrily arguing with other people all the time, which hasoffended a lot of people, but also to become inexplicably restless, andslowly more and more annoying. In those years, it has been struggling, butnot mature, but learning to be a hypocritical and paranoid. Gradually,accustomed to using someone else‘s name, tell their own stories. In thoseyears, just like the phrase use wrong, kill, most of time floating foam.Like a dream, so far everything feels so unreal.


That year, another round of graduation season, remembered when he firstgraduated, first teacher, wrote the poem: advise you not spare Witch Hazelnight, cherish only your young days, flowers to gather it folded, lest youbut wait for an empty Bough. Time can prove a lot of things, but more is todestroy something. That year, hauling a pile of luggage went a lot ofplaces, but not in the mood to see the scenery, then again after thewayward, but nothing has changed.


That years small partners are also points faction has does, that years became gas proud of bent on thought exam only others copy himself of copies does, that years and others sent message led to walk hit tree does, that years small partners are quiet has, literary has, himself became loss has, that years began wrote novel has, but has no one full of, that years to someone sent has article junior high school wrote of log screenshots, date is is 2013, in, not to asked Xia only deep table disappointed. That years first times to students home dinner, that is embarrassing get now himself are wants to find a to sewing drilling to, that years in full is man Jia of road quietly see with sunset, that missed has car, that years with filled with of failed of resentment and life of upset and sister fight has, that years because a sentence words of moved dark love had a girl a months, that years what are not understand, what thing are asked a students, but graduated Hou slowly alienated has, now are find not to reason…… Memoryconfusion, can’t remember which is which anymore years.


Time extension, and people are already numb, the wind stopped, unfinishedstory but also to renew it?

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