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The soul, do not forget, no future

September 8, 2015
Guangzhou these days and it began to rain, the depressing atmosphere in theair, people of breath. A little boring, so take an umbrella, walked out ofthe House alone.


Just walk a few steps, it began to rain. I see the road because of the rainand rushing the passersby walking, a little lucky and a little luck, onlybecause I took my umbrella. People seem to go back on the road, I’m the onlyone in the forward. I was the only person a retrograde.


Rain began falling heavily, became dense. Pedestrians on the road isgradually decreasing, slowly, slowly, I am the only one on the road. Theysheltered under the canopy, watching the storm, watching the street I. Iwalked slowly, like shopping, like a dreamer, no pace because of the wind and percussion music of the rain.


Heavy rain quickly stopped. Pedestrians on the road grew up. I suddenlystopped and looked around, only to discover that I‘ve been away for a longtime. I looked at the way throngs of students, only to discover that I wasalone.


I have fantasized about, meet star, encountered novel Dream, but realityalways ruthless was broken. Myself on that night in bed, holding his brokencell phone while reading the novel, I can’t help be the novel‘s plot andmoved, with crying and crying, laughter and smiles. I was always absorbed inthe novel can’t help put down the phone, lying in bed, watching the pointeralready points to 2 points when, frazzled nerves suddenly exciting again. Asense of emptiness is always comes to mind. Beside me, with parents,students, friends, teachers, but always smiling face. Every night, whileparents at home, but I always felt alone. As if I’m the only one who lived.


Sometimes, I do not know why, tears fell from his eyes out. Look at thosesad, lonely book, always thought that I had, I hope in the future. 


May be used, always likes to sit at home on my own time at the window,watching streets, accompaniment, singing songs written by. Sing sing, in theheart of emptiness will be filled.


Heart and soul, forget the sad once, hope I know what to do next.

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