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Self introduction

September 17, 2015

I Chen, called this name a lot, explains that the name is popular with people of all ages, seem to be very dull. But Ialways be proud to say: I was extraordinary! At such times, love I always nod nods: “it’s true” hate my guys were cross-eyed irony: “nothing”. People always respond, I always vote by pressure group the superior laughter. Just started laughing very reluctantly, but disciplined, ability to naturally have forged this proud, almost comparable to Yeh!

Mother says when she’s staying here, to me a hug to friends and family. Man holding me, I love to see him a few eyes, not like I closed my eyes, probably in bed; women are different, I always like to touch other people’s breasts. Someone said it looks like grow up may be. Some people call it some time later! At this point, the mother is worried about.

Can I, please? A little bit, but I agree only say: “the heart of beauty, everyone! “Loving guidance, I disagree with” some time later. ” OK, this is just my great luck, family fortune and education great luck!

Babbling, my weird life begins. Has degrees has of 27 a spring, I experience has juvenile young of childhood, play countless of paper windmill; followed others of footsteps, fart Britain fart Britain of Dang has child Cowherd; East spell West playing of, awareness has video in of four King, began know what called Idol, called on has novel in the of Jin Yong Cologne, Church I has peerless martial arts while, also let I scars scarred, disaster heavy; stepped into the has normal, dew has color of this heart, began outlined up eyes Iraqis to, didn’t want to, to graduated has also boy gold body, is is was of art bacteria; real teacher has Until teachers ‘ Octyl.

Now, the tired and humming popular songs; butter, drink the coffee.

From time to time, I often say to graduate students embarking: “rather than lifelong regret, nor regret for life!

My Life log