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I learned to ride

October 22, 2015
Not long ago, my mother gave my brother buys a bike, watching my brother to go by bike to ride, my itching. I told the mother, mother said: nothing,and have the time I’ll teach you!


I hope the stars the Moon and finally look forward to free mother. I sit onmy brother loved the bike, he looked very distressed, afraid I broke him. Ican’t wait to put a foot on the pedal and jerked forward, one foot loose,set foot on the pedal, hard riding, handlebars don’t work, suddenly felldown. I stood up, and tried it a few times, not only not learned, also hurt his leg and hand. I cried injustice, MOM seemed to understand that I wanted to give up, said: failure is the mother of success, only you, success willcome to you, if you give up, the success will be away from you. Listen tomother‘s words, I practice more carefully. Time passed unknowingly, andsuddenly, the mother was pleased to shout success! You learned to ride abike! I quickly put a stop the car, know that my mother had not onlyhelped, but follow me trot. At this time, my heart was full of happy.


Riding a bike that’s very interesting, although it is difficult to bewrestling, but I know that as long as there is perseverance, grind an iron rod into a needle, the truth.

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