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Training your wonderful

September 17, 2015
I remember when blue skies, scorching sun, could not suppress my excitementof the initial military training instructors, standing on tiptoe waitingagain and again, imagining that people moving in the distance in the lastaway to your side of the situation. Outlined in his face again and again, Ithink he must have had a deep Tan skin, a bright and brave soldier, willtake a normal goose, heads held high, came to us with a resolute stare, butthese are just my guesses.


September breeze slightly with the early autumn chill, light volume in ourqueue, we gave in to Twitter, someone asked, we could like instructors? It can’t be! I answered bluntly, Yes, how is this possible? But more than 10 days of military training, and in the end but also strangers.


Excited atmosphere right now, if we want to, he heard the company roared out loud: good company commander! Deputy Company Commander good! They arecoming! Here it comes! See our instructor strode over. Cough we clearedhis throat and poised. Look closer! Near! 50 meters, 20 meters, 10 meters,Commander good! Deputy Company Commander good! Loud cheers accompanied byapplause in my ears resound.


When I saw him, I stood there quietly, inside early surges, I watched himcarefully, it is like a pair of eyes, clear and deep, dark skin lightreflecting in the hot sun. Reminds me of that song just because many in thecrowd at a glance, can’t listen to anything else around, only deep stare.


Not that impossible? Life, after all, is escape possible. In the strongestgesture you appear in front of us, you reserved on a military trainingfield, Word and with the taste characteristic of the military. You said, yousee we are all small doll, but in fact you and we nearly break you, isn’t achild does not grow up? Is the force of life makes you old, make you astand-up guy Lord, please? In fact, we believe that as long as the dreams,we‘re all fine young man.


Sun brings cool breezes, blowing into the bottom of my heart, as military training brings you, before you came into my heart, I’m with you, in thisland we shed sweat, I would you, in the most memorable place. I believe that the company 14 days, I will like you to grow up.


Because of you, the Sun will probably not dazzling, military training maynot be tired, maybe we will meet again in the future, training day, andexciting for you.

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