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Forgotten river Amaryllis

August 30, 2015
The small, do you often dream of Bana,


Yes, how do you know,


Because you have been in a dream called Lycoris radiate,




You like this kind of flower?




Engaged in the flowers of hell should be more beautiful,


Legend, a ghost looks ugly falls in love with a beautiful girl, but becausehe was ugly, the girl does not love him, out of love, he only tied girl and,later, to a warrior, he rescued the girl and fell in love with her, while at the same time, Samurai sword to slay the demons. Ghost blood spattered onthe grass, a red-and-black flower where beautiful bloom, the flower‘s nameis called Bana, since then, Equinox flower opens in the hell calledlethe place


Love, probably, too, just because love is different from each other, going to ruin a lot of, but also to forget a lot of. Then, Equinox flower becamethe Dark Angel of love, as it witnessed the death of a black


The small, what Bana looks like in your dreams,


As red as blood, and then became as white as the driven snow,


Your dreams can be really interesting,


Oh, Yes, maybe,


The small, why do you always smile, but I can’t feel your joy,


Did you hear about the river?


What it is,


Is to forget the love of place


Why do you mention such a place, do you have people who want to forget it?


No, loved ones, and how to forget,


Then why would you want such a place,


Because I’m here,


Well, where did not forget the one you love?


Oh, Yes,



Did you see my blood,


Yes, the small, why your body was white not see blood vessels?


My blood has flowed into the Lycoris radiate in the soil, as the price hedoes not forget the person I love.

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