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Rural theft, predators who lost their natural enemies

November 4, 2015
Urbanization process is like a huge water pump, in more than 30 years sincethe reform and opening up, continue taking a young labor force in thecountryside. I of those fathers are, early of pioneer, carrying woman will young, unkempt, carry with big package small package, ride with box car, traveled thousands of km, bumps days several night, to Pearl River Delta, and Yangtze River Delta, into factory, do building, dwelling cottage, got by with taunt and disdain, in city people of superior and arrogance in the, obedient, hard and stubborn of please life. Year after year, generationafter generation, villagers regardless of the villagers, the father pulledtheir children, they were carried by the tide of economic and social trends,and flock to the cities, as the tide swept away debris deposited and lost inthe outside world.


They gave birth to their rural ties, left more blood and family ties, those who left their homes but older parents. For many people, home and fartheraway, in addition to the new year and happy and unhappy events, they haverarely set foot in the land. Telephone is a relatively regular channels ofcommunication, a new building of the buildings reflect the fruits of theirlabour, but closed shop all year round.


If the country is a large reservoir, the protracted loss of water, has nowdropped to the guard position.


Just like the desert, lose water, oasis of sand erosion. Villagesdisappeared, dying in the countryside, is a process of evolution that hastaken place and is still in. Had see a article reported, a area a a village fell, years constantly was home or out working, and or reading work, reasons relocation, last only left several households family, crops deserted, weeds lush, for decades years missing of Raptor beast reproduce trail, people of survival space had like sent inter line, constantly contraction, that beast began frequently haunted intrusion crops, even threat to people of security.Ecosystem imbalance, many not the phenomenon have emerged.


Theft is one of them. Theft is not a very common phenomenon? Not now thereare different to the past? Yes, before.


Past is Zhuang Hu family for big, thieves trembling, once found, even is huangkouxiaoer pulled open voice called reinforcements, also may get four townships eight o partisans echoed, handheld pole hoe Ben will came, thieves again big of courage, also inevitably scare have wits, again remained of, also only worn out layer Layer encirclement only picked up get small life of (exaggerated has points, but encountered folk tough of, caught Hou playing have kowtow begged for mercy is laxly things a pile). Complain aloudremnants of was the lively scene. Remember one night to hear abnormalmovement, got up, found in poultry were stolen, Dad brother immediatelyshouted, kicking shoes in hot pursuit, the thieves fled, Leng was chasing afeather. After my uncle heard, immediately called a bunch of young peoplecame out, just the whole thief dragged, nowhere to hide.


Now, old dad, brother of town, WA dare the thieves. They did, swagger for the door entrance, and swagger and roared off, mangy dog, mosquitoes fly,insatiable, wrapped around people not impatient, but he couldn’t help it.Thief takes this weakness. Last year, thieves opened a hole in the wall in the dark, put a house in the village of ducks and chickens stealing all, oldcouple both lie awake at night, or in the nose had been stolen, you’re nothateful and evil. There are worse, and a few years ago, Spring Festival isthe high incidence of theft of the season, now less and less seasonal, overa period of time, raids, after a period of time, to pick again. Timeperhaps, and often during the day under the guise of fishing, and the like,riding a motorcycle crawling around, nobody pushed open the door, andsomeone, muttered one, turn and run away. To get rich, first roads, nowhardened these roads to facilitate travel, can also greatly improve themobility of theft. Petty thefts in the past, development up to now, evenwith the use of the vans, booty directly the car pulled away, enabling fasttransfer.


As with the ecosystem of nature, balance, loss of predators, predators willthrive, eventually destroy the entire system. Now the village, leaving behind the elderly and the children left, and not with those of ease, rivalthe thief to steal for a living. Mainly in physical strength and reductionof the number of population, making the whole village mutual degradation. Of course, the assistance function also includes the neighborhoods of labourand mutual assistance, mutual care, these areas will discuss next.

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