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Love sky

August 30, 2015
Pillow in a thick straw, side by side, looking at the stars, never talk,just a quiet smile, waiting for a fallen star, through the sky and then make a wish. You ask me, what I‘ve never told you, I did not desire to be prayerat that time, lay on the Hay with you, too shy to sing you a song, I‘ve beensatisfied.


The small, my wish is that we can all, lay together quietly, not sayinganything, but they all feel happy. At that time, happy and simple like acasually out of the song, you say you like to hear me sing, sing for you inparticular, I have always been shy and never look like man‘s eyes, for fear,fear that too after the sincere feelings, you don’t know how you want toprotect. I can only lie in silence near your place, pretending toaccidentally touch your fingertips, then pull your hand. Then, even if theydo not see you, know that your lips are slightly higher angle, it looks great.


Some years later, I got up and left the Hay, leave you, for fear of seeingyou bad smile, seeing something other than good faith. I got up and for a while, you do not have to adapt, then you left, I know you do not like tolie on the grass and watch the stars. After you left, I still like to lay inplace, look at the stars, shooting a lot, I just watched quietly, do notwish.


Today, many years later, I still lie under the stars and quietly look. Likenot bad things, not even a longer shelf life, but something going bad in theworld, I think, hay won’t, stars will not.


Frequent left, just to end all the way, however, the world does not havepure, everything, everything is changing, I would like to see more stars.


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