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This University is not what I want

September 8, 2015
I think after reading the complete works of Shakespeare in College, thepoems of Haizi, the collection of Xu Zhimo‘s prose, of psychology, of theChinese modern literature.


I want to finish a novel in College, even if it is not published, I can alsomake memories.


I think in college to help people in need, even if it is little by little,will also drop.


I want to make a group of friends at the University, drinking tea andchatting, talking about the future.


I have thought about it, silently in University life, does not succeed, do not bow their heads.


I have thought about it, I‘ll have a bonsai in the University.


I have thought about, every study with headphones and look out the window ofthe world.


I have thought about it, I will be on the playground every morning.


I think………


However, this is not the life I want.


So, in College, So bye!

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