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September 17, 2015

Just a note, wet from rain, the wind will blow away, the only difference is written in the above content

I’ve been attempting to do do a story of women do not feel old no story to someone else to make you proud. What is life, is but a choreographer himself, later owner, dubbing themselves, rendering the output of its own TV series, what they want to do, depends on our own efforts.

I’ve been trying

Efforts in the communications path deviation

Efforts in pursuit of a dream

Kept busy wild child the way Mercedes-Benz

On December 13 last year, ending a four-year college all courses, waiting for graduation defense, took a holding will say a sentence such as: “four years” of paper. Really don’t know what’s the hurry, final exam review resumes, and selected industry sectors are all journalists, editors, media, study four years of communications, he to die, not for four years you have to live with it for a lifetime.

Then, on December 25, I officially as a trainee journalist for the modern youth journal, pay 1000. But it is not what you want and I want it to be, holding a book recording pen holding a microphone with a video camera. This interview went far! Editors asked to write what some do not know what eggs and only interview relevant. It should listen to recorded speech taped interview.

Then hit hold “China University Innovative Entrepreneurship Competition”, as organizers, say journalists have to do what has become, player registration, hotel, photos, interviews, and even rice and moved the table. Very hard, but also learned a lot, exercise a lot, and make friends all over the country, learned how to be done in an orderly manner to a big match. Quarter-finals awards ceremony, TV media, more and more, looking at your dream to get a microphone in someone else’s hands, envious.

At that time, I knew

My dream is not just to this

Like a tourist

No drive went

Trip only to be detained again and again

Although frank interviews with CEOs, entrepreneurs, internship two months regular pay raise to 4000, hold my heart thought to television work, even if the subsidy is only 400. Afraid of, is just one less zero it.

Dreams seem to flower

Spell into the tail of his strength to catch the dream

Even birth relatives alarmist rhetoric

Jumped to Media Audio (radio and television outside the enterprise) interview, luck, and went in. Entry exams, written for a long time, video clips for a long time, self-learning of Ulead Video Studio but did not use, can only use EDIUS or AE as a lot of people who couldn’t understand the words, I do not know, how to do, knows only the night before the exam cannot use Ulead Video Studio, how! You! In the world! Was going to cry, and Taobao, bought a 48 block EDIUS software sellers very good distance to help me install, start learning. Yes, a night to learn software, cut a five-minute video. All night.

Who said that destiny is God

In our hands

Relying on their own efforts to DIY

However, the reality is not a TV series, a written test and a good video clip-0, full cut a 30-second spot, but with the in point to the out point, “ping ~” on the end. What, you’ve made the mistake doesn’t matter, internship, it just decided to graduate if I can stay in one of the basis.

Just began in Xiamen TV Taiwanese pass program group do has a week internship Director, was “kind” of woman adjustable to do on both sides of secret archives of internship Director + big program Department and Manpower, and manpower is what, is to TV sent tape; to signed various file; to with cartoon businesses Association just gift broadcast cartoon (free provides tablets source to we in television broadcast); to warehouse application various videos, and CD; to help wrote red tape; to do, and update row broadcast, then was “kind” of woman took to to Vice President said is himself do of ; To paint daily ratings table, on a daily basis in a variety of ways with wipe clean Whiteboard wrestling … …

Have you finished? But there was no.

Dub dub version of the teacher to organize several students play titles; to give their payroll; with another far end of the telephone, mail the dub master docking dubbing into which a period to all heads of Department signature of eyes all day:

“Oh, I’m busy, you’ll sign”

“Do not, do they teach you, go back and ask to redo”

But in fact no one really taught me, I only received a sentence: “You do this, I don’t know, you better ask them when to sign.”

If you haven’t seen what this is related to directing, because, I have a choreographer’s work. Script to sort out the messy dub version of the teacher, a character named bright, types will be scolded, without subtitles or the first lines of text into a notepad format, then use EDIUS subtitles, output, a period of at least 4 hours. Sometimes, and sometimes first, sometimes contact guests, sometimes did show she’d never want to see the full version, puke.

Is that so? This is my dream? Is busy is busy is busy, daily are like Shang has clockwork, and real can with himself told told heart of, I thought only she, after all she is I with of first a producer, a awareness I a months on with I said: “has I a rice eat, on has you a soup drink” of woman, a I is trust she, is just was she using to exploration clear personnel manager is with who faction, Vice President what will is who of backer.

And she has been using the “she’s just a child, brave in the dream child, if I left for her to go on learn, I left nothing” this discourse to create only an idiot I would believe the illusion.

Well, Yes, the struggle between the two producers, the intrigues of the two women, I lay down guns. In the end, I go and contest turned out to be I need to know that I trusted her, is it really worse than among the population and insidious. I lost, not lose work and dreams, that line of Defense is the lowest heart, burst its banks.

Aries girl is very stubborn, very emotional

Look for the right things

Shah not betrayed betray

Others say any more vivid is just what people say

Well love to leave

People do not need, bye bye

Later, I left the

Smiling, clean

Every strong heart is made of a soft cocoon dream, tried it and went into the studio, knowing how to make a television show name on TV, no attachment is likely his, oh ~ oh ~ What do you think, really is it.

Put aside all went to the North-East, around half a month, with a smile is nothing himself, come back.

Back in telecommunications for more than 20 days of the day: 9 work works at 10 o’clock, around 11:30 in the cafeteria to eat, to work at half past two, up three points again, off at 5:30, go ahead. Five social insurance and one housing fund, double take, allowance, transportation subsidies, the holidays, no woman’s politics, are not listening to this work very well. Yes, it is very comfortable, too comfortable, comfortable were embarrassed earlier in the legitimate struggle of youth over old age.

Stubborn with my parents, so I can’t do the work, too busy, busy to panic, I did not find its value. So all kinds of relationships, looking for relatives, cannot spell the father can spell relatives, forget it, I decided my personal CV, interview, admitted.

Although the work was different from imagined, just write writing interview interview, send the app to do a small publication, and overtime overtime overtime, however, the working environment, leisure arts, 135, afternoon tea, grass jelly fungus cantaloupe, also, I can see myself working for. Broadcasting dreams put on hold, at least now I’m doing what you enjoy and know how to paperwork, become a man by writing articles for dinner, not very good. Why dedication must be state-owned, must have a good benefits package.

Young, doesn’t let yourself free you can learn something.

Nevertheless, it’s still not what I eventually want to get far away. They want hope, why tube fork in the other direction there were tantalizing aromas.

Experienced, unable to clarify the difference. I can’t go tell asking me how to find work, asked me how to better your life, to what kind of attitude to deal with wave after wave of inevitable only to whack the zombies. Your movies I can’t go with you, but will wait until you to press at the gate. I could not have told you the story, all I can inform you, encountered no difficulty, I chose not to run.

Finally ask me questions you affect me very much:

If your life is not the way to turn interest into work, and making the job into a career, then turn interest into a hobby, using it to balance your life.

Zero says sunny morning at night. Good morning, tomorrow’s mine.

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