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Interview – repair equipment for fun

September 8, 2015
There is some hot in Shenzhen after the beginning, when I walked into theequipment Department of the Office, see Master working clothes were covered with oil, they study in a central vacuum cleaner, sweating. A few days ago,the author will offer interviews equipment repairer Han Tugui, but each timethe appointment time had to postponed due to machine failure. Today, too,and I followed him, watching him repair equipment, immersive feel to thedevice repair work dirty, tiring and dangerous.


Han Tugui early was a teacher, with a vision for the future, love ofmaintenance in 2000, circuit board drilling rig maintenance work in 2002,after obtaining the certificate had been engaged in maintenance work.


In 2013, just starting to expose Bomin leadership will will give Han Tuguidrilling equipment are responsible for childcare. Treasures that he quicklyput to work, found that rigs can play not only to 60% energy efficiency, Han Tugui details for each machine repair, find the accessories of the machinewas too old and not replaced in time, the root cause of this is the largecircuit board quality. Through months of patient service, rigs the gradualrecovery of the energy efficiency to more than 90%. Today, Shenzhensensitivity more than more than 20 rigs and related equipment are maintainedby Han Tugui a person in charge, all equipment under his custody are run inan orderly manner, and all rig continues to maintain 90% energy efficiency.Excellence of Han Tugui still stressed to prevention Yu happens, he said: “Although equipment are in run, didn’t appeared fault, but do for maintenance Member should to clear it of structure, and performance and accessories, and to clear know each Taiwan machine accessories of energy and replaced time, if only because can run and not to tube it, not only will makes machine run hard, efficiency reduced, also will effect products quality, even caused big range of machine paralysis, consequences contemplate. In order to ensure the efficiency, he has been carrying out a60% time to do maintenance, 30% time to do minor repairs, 10% do checkequipment maintenance requirements. Through more than 10 years ofexperience in drilling rig repair, now just listen Han Tugui rigs runningsounds, you can probably figure out equipment failure where.


Maintenance of equipment is a special high-risk work, and very often in thecase of can’t stop the machine for maintenance. In this regard, Han Tuguitell us: one is the required expertise to bear in mind, the other to befamiliar with the circuit, repair equipment must be careful, patient andhighly concentrated remain soberminded, do not be careless, ensuringcomplete security situation, to begin repairs. Employee for a couple ofmonths in the workshop all know equipment repair tasks are very heavy, oftenin the production downtime holiday time, they are expected to use the timemachine maintenance, so almost no rest days.


Practical, hard, work hard, be responsible for all evaluation of Han Tugui,and repair work is part of life for him, is a source of happiness.


Equipment for the products and services, we provide equipment and service.In order to ensure the safe operation of assured products, although tired,dirty, but we are very valuable. I think this is already true portrayal ofthe Bomin equipment maintenance staff work style.

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